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    My kubota BX has an engine block heater, a magnetic heater pressed up against the bottom of the HST and a battery tender. They're plugged into a timer that cycles 4 hours each morning. After the 4 hour cycle it runs like it should. I don't run it below zero f.
    Long periods of cold exposure "cold soaks" causing increased resistance and the oil "waxes" or breaks down and needs to be changed more often. This includes synthetics.

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    When it starts getting cold ,I just plug in my block heater and keep it plugged in for the winter after each use and make sure I have a full tank of fuel with 911 mixed in to prevent gelling. I keep mine in a pole barn unheated and never had a problem starting yet, no matter how cold.(knock on wood) I do like the sounds of the trickle charger for the battery though.

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    Bigfoot had it right, but anything from 10 F or below can cause some fuel problems. So, you need 30-50% kero or an additive in the diesel fuel to keep from having wax dropout problems below 10 F. Below about 40 F, you'll need to run the glow plugs about 4 seconds and supply 1/3 to 1/2 throttle to help with the starting. Do these, and any diesel engine should start with the usual, about 1/2 turn of the crankshaft.
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