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    Default Finish mower operation

    I have some experience with a RFM and will be facing the challenge of using my 4720 cab tractor for finish mowing areas I previously used a 3320 OS with MMM on. I have to try and sell the new 3320 and 72D autoconnect deck ASAP. I don't mind the cab tractor at all but I have a feeling turning around and being alert of all the low hanging hazards will get old FAST!

    Any suggestions?

    If anyone needs a 3320 with 72D please contact me. Less than 40hrs. Purchased mid 2011.

    John Deere 3320 - 72D Auto Connect deck

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    Default Re: Finish mower operation

    John I don't have much to contribute here, but I used a RFM on an open station hydrostat equiped tractor and it worked well. Especially to back under low hanging cedar trees with the RFM and see-saw back and forth to move around the tree. I have never owned a cab tractor. Not that there wasn't many a time I wished it was!

    James K0UA
    James K0UA

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    Default Re: Finish mower operation

    I have always had an open cab tractor and have been using RFM's for decades now. You get a feel as to where the RFM is even without looking at it. It does take some time to aquire this.
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    Default Re: Finish mower operation

    I have run a RFM with open station as well as cab since 98 when we got our first cab tractor and you get use to it. I use the mirrors and don't turn around nearly as much as with an open station.
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    Default Re: Finish mower operation

    my KK 72" RDFM hangs probably 4 feet behind my tractor. I have a kinda flimsy sun shade on mine and haven't damaged it or broke it off yet. It's just one of those things you get use to. . . .You've probably got AC too right?
    Hey, hire me to mow for you and let me worry about your cab and branches! . . .John
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    Default Re: Finish mower operation

    With the cab you will be insulated from sounds that can give you a heads up on potential problems...
    I was bush hogging the other day with my dad's cabbed 8050...
    First time I had hogged with a cabbed tractor...
    The feeling was surreal...
    You will have the same feeling the first time...
    It will take time to acclimate to the softer sound while mowing...
    My only advise is to stay alert while mowing...
    You will get used to the cab and the comforts it affords...
    You have a fine tractor and mowing combo...
    I hope to have one similar to it some day...

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