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    Default top link question:

    I just purchased a Woods brand bush hog/rotary mower and am having some difficulty setting up the BH to run properly. The question is about the top link.

    There appears to be two ways to attach the top link. I am using a solid connector to my kubota tractor.

    One way is to have the top link in a downward position. When the tractor dips and the mower is higher than the tractor, the top link applies pressure against it's stop and actually flexes the thin metal ribs going to the back of the mower from the top link.

    In the other position, I have the solid connector from the tractor fully extended, so the top link rides above it's center point. When the tractor dips and the mower is still high, the top link just swivels backward, and no pressure is applied to the mower.

    My question is... which way is the correct way to attach the top link, and what is the function of the top link?

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: top link question:

    I believe the part you are referring to as the "solid connector" to the tractor is the top link. The back of the top link attaches to the top of the link on the cutter, which swings at the bottom. Generally, with the cutter sitting level the top link should be adjusted so the link it attaches to is straight up. This allows the cutter to follow the contours of the ground to some degree. The sole purpose of the 3pt., (top link) is to lift the implement.

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    Default Re: top link question:

    Thats right,you don't even need it to mow.Try it with it and than try it without it and you will see this.I have achain on mine that I hook up when I want to lift it and unhook it when I mow,it lets the rear of the cutter follow the ground.I can hook and unhook the chain from the seat. RICHARD GAUTHIER

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    Default Re: top link question:

    Yes, you can mow without a toplink, but be VERY careful. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif[/img] I learned that lesson the hard way. I was mowing with the toplink removed shortly after buying my tractor. I was having a problem with the front edge of the cutter digging into the ground when I went down through a dip, so I started using the 3PT to raise the front end of the cutter slightly as the rear wheels passed through the bottom of the dip. It worked great...for a while. Then one time as I crested the lip on the far side of the dip, and didn't let the 3PT back down quick enough, the front edge of the cutter caught in the tread of the rear tire. The result was a bent up cutter, a bent 3PT arm, and a bent 3PT lift linkage. Thank goodness, it didn't crack the differential casing where the 3PT arms pivot. But as it was, the two 3PT parts were $300, and the mower has never been quite the same. A 12 lb. sledge got it pretty straight, but.... Now I use a chain in place of the top link, and a pair of check chains to keep the front of the mower from digging in. That seems to be the best solution to an imperfect situation: that a 3PT mower doesn't perfectly follow the rise and fall of the rear wheels. Hope this helps.


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    Default Re: top link question:

    Thanks for that info,I'll double check this on mine.I don't think that could happen because I got a good bit of clearence,but I need to think about this the next time I cut,one thing I got to be carefull of is if I raise it to high with out the top link the front edge will hit the driveshaft of the cutter.its best not to raise it at all untill you put the chain back on but I got dips to so I know what you mean,its easy to forget what you shouldn't do. RICHARD GAUTHIER

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    Default Re: top link question:

    As Kevin notes, if you use the check chains, with or without any type of top link, you'll be OK since your lower links are set all the way down. If your coming out of and extreme dip, then the top link would be needed to lift the deck, but then the back trailer wheel will be coming off the ground. Check chains with some type of flexible or swivel type top link connection is the best setup you can attain short of a 4 caster-wheeled deck and a flexible top link.

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