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    Default Mahindra Overheating

    I am trying to get some solutions to a 2002 mahindra from overheating when bushhogging. Only happens in the fall when weeds have gone to seed. Radiator sucks full of weed seed and tempature starts going up. You can not BH 1/2 acre without this happening. I have talk to three Mahindra dealers and Mahindra tech. No answers. All three dealers know about this happening but offer know solutions. Does anybody with other newer brands have this same problem? Any info would be greatly appreciated. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

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    You are not alone in this problem. kubota has a screen in front of the radiator to help keep it clean. This way you can stop and pull the screen and knock the worst off. You still need to blow the radiator out at the end of the day with an air compressor. Other than that, I am in the same boat as you!

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    I ran my NH TC18 to 30 hours without any problem until we put the brush hog on it Sunday. Within a hour or two, the temperature started climbing up. Drove it back to the garage and hose off the oil coolers and radiator, washing all the dirt out of the fins. Temperature dropped and there was no more problem - will probably be fine until the next time the dirt gets sucked in.

    We're also using a Caterpillar 416C loader/backhoe to do some serious land clearing, uprooting a lot of trash trees with a root rake. The dirt from the roots gets sucked into the radiator, especially between it and the oil coolers, and we usually have to hose it clean after about 6 hours of work.

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