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    Default Re: diesel prices

    Quote Originally Posted by remington270 View Post
    Wow, got some misinformed people on this forum-- population growth by nearly a billion a year? That's a little high (a lot)... And last time I checked foxnews is in the minority, most outlets like CNN and msnbc are totally and completely committed to converting to communism- I figured a bunch of tractor driving fellas would have more sense than believing Rachel Maddow.
    Thank you for pointing out my mistake. It should be 80 million a year and will soon reach 100 million per year. Guess I shouldn't post when working 12 hr. night shifts. I'll try and do better next time.
    That's still a lot of humans and they will consume.

    most outlets like CNN and msnbc are totally and completely committed to converting to communism/ Did Fox news tell you that or did they report and you decided?

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    Default Re: diesel prices

    When will you all wake up and realize the government wants high gas prices. They make almost $1.00 a gallon sold18-20%. while some say the refineries are making 3%-5% a gallon sold. And the stations "supposedly are making 3%-5% gallon sold.

    Why would the Government want lower prices?

    Just listen to the rhetoric. They have been saying for more than 20 years now........ "we can't drill now because it won't help the situation NOW it will take ( FILL IN THE BLANK ) number of years to make a difference.

    Funny thing is they keep saying that and we all keep buying that BS. Has we done something in the 70's where would we be today.

    For the old timers, you will remember we had plenty of gas DURING THE VIETNAM WAR.....and the same year we stopped the war, we ran out of gas. Hmmmmm wonder how that happened.

    This oil is a scam run by flim flam men and we are the paws.

    Lastly ..Aug 31, 1955 On this day in 1955, William G. Cobb of the General Motors Corp. (GM) demonstrates his 15-inch-long "Sunmobile," the world's first solar-powered automobile, at the General Motors Powerama auto show held in Chicago, Illinois.

    We din Nothing from 1955 till a few years ago with alternative energy. Hmmm wonder why, wonder what would it be like had we been working on it for the last nearly 60 years.

    If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck......

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    Default Re: diesel prices

    As long as crude oil is a global commodity and traded globally, the market will dictate the price. We are exporting about half of what we refine yet prices are climbing.

    Answer Desk: Why do U.S. refiners export fuel? - Business - Answer Desk -

    What we need to do is put oil under government control and remove our resources from the global market and take care of ourselves.
    Bob, n8zcc

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    Default Re: diesel prices

    $ 4.05.999 average pump price down here in SW Fla.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKfish

    Turn off Fox News.... and watch CNN once in awhile - you might learn something.

    Heretic. And even if they did what you suggest they might be confused because the Faux logo is burned into their TV's Screens (which is why the logo slowly rotates.) :-)

    Yes, the Keystone pipeline is to move Canadian oil to export markets (even Faux's Bill O'Really ranted about this fact.)

    There is plenty of oil in North Dakota, more is coming on-line everyday and a pipeline is going to be built across ND to Clearbrook, MN where it will tie into a big distribution system. We are awash in crude with low demand in this country.

    The amount of oil Keystone would add to the world oversupply would not drop the price of oil one cent. But it sure seems like it would be the panacea for the right wing talkers on radio. Ditto heads.

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    Default Re: diesel prices

    The Canadian oil will be sold on the world market, it's just a question of whether it gets piped to the West coast and sent on tankers to China for refinement or gets piped to the Gulf and refined there. Which do you think will create more US jobs?

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    Default Re: diesel prices

    Quote Originally Posted by Monster5601 View Post
    What we need to do is put oil under government control and remove our resources from the global market and take care of ourselves.
    Question: Can you name 1 program in the last 230 years that the govt has stepped into that now runs MORE efficiently?

    During the 2008 campaign, Obama said he wanted energy prices to rise. For coal fired electricity plants, I believe the phrase was "electricity prices will necessarily skyrocket".

    Drilling permits in the Gulf are dribbling out from the gov't at about 2 per month instead of dozen a month a few years ago. In the meantime, China and Cuba are drilling like mad and sucking out oil from under us. When they drill, they don't have 1/2 the safety protocols that BP was using 2 years ago. The gov't is strangling the off-shore efforts. My b-i-l is a lead engineer for a company that puts in pipelines to platforms for Exxon, Shell, etc. He's seen it first hand.

    Now you want to put them totally in charge?

    No thanks...

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    Default Re: diesel prices

    Wow, such vitriolic statements directed toward right leaning media.

    Would any of you be honest enough to admit that CNN and MSNBC lean left?

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    Default Re: diesel prices

    Quote Originally Posted by GolfAddict View Post
    Wow, such vitriolic statements directed toward right leaning media.

    Would any of you be honest enough to admit that CNN and MSNBC lean left?
    I would. I have had it with them and the Obama is the greatest attitude. While Fox News is not perfect they seem to get it right more than wrong.


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    Default Re: diesel prices

    We in the US should charge $100.0 + per barrel of wheat, oats, barley, rice, etc. We are the bread basket to the world...let the price of our commodities track the price of oil...they will pay or let them eat SAND ! That's all I have to say about that !

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