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    Default Re: Rock buckets

    For two acres I would plow the ground up and rake the surface with a landscape rake. Find ap place to dig a ditch and bury the rock piles deep leaving room to put sifted soil back on the surface.

    I have a rock bucket and it helps with the larger ones but I don't think you can do much with a 2320. While rock buckets do work I don't consider them to be a "great tool" as compared to some others.

    You should consider renting a rock sifting screen from a rental yard.

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    Default Re: Rock buckets

    Thanks to all who responded. I think my situation is somewhat similar to yours Jerry- glacial till. We've got a couple that are about the size of the one in your picture. The "hill" on the north side of the property consists of rocks of varying sizes that excavated when the house was built (two years old when we bought it) covered with just enough dirt for a tree to sprout up and grass/weeds to grow. The long term plan is to make lemonade out of the lemons (rocks) I've been given. I've got a bunch of retaining walls to build, especially on the south side of the house which has a walkout basement. I figure there will be plenty more raw material when I get through redoing the back "lawn".

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    Quote Originally Posted by jc21 View Post
    Anyone run a rockbucket on 2320/ 2520 Deere or kubota equivalent or are they even capable of handling one? Are there better ways with dealing with rocks? ....... in my neck of the woods they seem to grow better than just about anything else . Hope to have my first compact tractor next year and this info would be helpful.
    I just bought a bucket from my local dealer. The bucket was an Ai2. I have a Kubota BX25D. I used the backhoe to loosen up every thing, so the dirt can freely fall through. Within 15 minutes the welds started breaking and the bucket was self destructing. Lucky for me there wasn't enough time for the dealer to cash my check, and I put a stop payment on it. Waiting for some answers.

    As I look at Redline Systems, Ai2, Orange Attachments, they all look like they are made by the same manufacturer. So I would expect the same problems. I'm waiting for a response about this. So, if the bucket is made like the Ai2 for the BX25D, then hold off. I will offer my Kubota and property for testing.

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