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    Default Re: Has anoyne ever traded down to a smaller tractor?

    I did, but I was also upgrading as my needs have changed. I sold my 1958 JD 520 row crop (34 HP) & bought a 2004 JD 790 Compact (27 HP). Fits my current needs much better! ~~ grnspot

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    Right now I have a 45 hp L4300. It is 2 wheel drive and unloaded tires. I'm thinking that a lower hp 4 wheel drive machine would engage the ground as well (or better) than now, and definitely all I need it to do. As far as loader work, the heaviest work I do with it by far is load and unload implements, and my heaviest implement (6 ft brush hog) was loaded into my trailer with a 25 hp New Holland loader. Watching that and seeing what some people on here do with much smaller machines, and a buddy of mine who has a B7800, has me thinking that I would be well served by a 4wd tractor in the low- to mid-30 hp range, maybe as small as a B3200 even. Using my tractor for a few hours straight makes me wish I had a tilt wheel, HST, more comfortable station, etc. Sure would save some money come upgrade time if I could lower the hp requirements. That and, as I said, a smaller machine could really help in the woods and with storage. But would I instantly regret the loss of hp is my worry. Since I don't push my tractor now (except traction sometimes -- gotta load those tires) I'm thinking I would be more than happy with the capabilities of a B3300SU or L3240.
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    Default Re: Has anoyne ever traded down to a smaller tractor?

    A long while back I down sized from an Oliver 1600 65 H.P. gas tractor to an L4350 kubota diesel (45H.P.) 4x4. (Actually up-sized) Difference of night and day! Recently I added a B7800 w/HST, now I seldom use the big guy, not once this winter. Only time I need the bigger tractor is for lift capacity of the loader or pure grunt. I have found that the nimbleness of the HST and the smaller tractor play a bigger part in the usage. I would say that your needs drives the decision and at times it is after you buy that you realize that your choice was to big or too small. FWIW.
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    Default Re: Has anoyne ever traded down to a smaller tractor?

    Before I purchased my first CUT, I was torn between the Deere 4210 and 4310, the bigger Deere offered more power and a higher lift height and capacity with the FEL, but I really would have only needed those once in a while, and because after my landscaping work would be done, 90% of my time would be mowing hours. So I went with the 4210. It's lighter, a bit shorter, turns sharper, and the smaller engine is remarkably fuel efficient and I am happy with my choice. Not likely I would trade down to a smaller model though unless I moved to a smaller property.

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    Default Re: Has anoyne ever traded down to a smaller tractor?


    Years ago i had 2 Belarus 60 hp tractors. One with a loader, one without. These were great tractors but extremely heavy. When we sold the cows, i had little use for big heavy tractors and sold them and started with a Mahindra 2810HST. My dad didn't like the idea at the time but learned quickly that i could do anything with my new smaller tractor that the big tractor could do, it just took a couple of trips more with the loader ect. We found out quickly that it was quicker with the smaller tractor because there was less ground disturbance to repair when the job was done. it just takes a little gittin use to. Remember its not the size of the hook you use, it's how you wiggle the worm! .. .John
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