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    Default Re: Am I abusing my tractor?

    As you don't let us know what size/kind of tractor/transmission you have, its hard to give a definite answer.
    Does your rpm drop off as you hit the end of your "load" or does it stay constant?
    On a hst you should be letting off the pedal as the bucket digs and the tractor movement slows. This keeps the rpm up and increases your torque when you need it...On a gear tractor you pretty well have to depress the clutch and let momentum fill the bucket or gradually slip the clutch until its fully disengaged before the motor stalls.

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    Default Re: Am I abusing my tractor?

    I can smell hydro fluid venting as well on my L4400. I pretty much start to smell it as soon I begin working the loader hard. Doesn't have to be after working it for a while.
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    Default Re: Am I abusing my tractor?

    I also smell it faintly if working the loader hard, no leaks so i assume its normal.

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    Not sure if this is the reason but there is a.significant change in fluid level in your system as you operate your loader. When you raise the loader oil flows in the piston end of the cylinders - large diameter - and out the rod end - small diameter. That means more oil into the cylinders. Lower the bucket and the opposite happens. Air is constantly flowing into and out of your reservoir, I assume in this case your transmission housing. Depending on where the vent is located, you can get a whiff of vapor. My mini-excavator which has a lot of cylinders and long cylinder strokes has a sight tube. The fluid level changes over 1 inch between all cylinders extended and all cylinders retracted. Lots of air exchange in the reservoir.
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    Default Re: Am I abusing my tractor?

    Quote Originally Posted by coveredbridge View Post
    Lately when I'm doing loader work, I notice that when I put the tractor under a big load (pushing into the snow, leaf pile) I get a little whiff of hydraulic oil. It doesn't smell burnt, it smells just like it does when you pour it out of the bottle. I can never find oil leaking anywhere, so what is causing this odor, and does it mean I'm overloading the tranny/hydraulic/4wd system? Is it indicating a problem in one of these systems? Or is it normal and I just never noticed it before? I like to maximize the functionality of my equipment, but I don't want to abuse it.
    When you work the loader, the hyd pump and valves are working under pressure. This causes heat. Also the level of oil in the sump is varying with the loader movement. Warm oil vapor air comes out the breather. Thatll give you a smell without any leaks present. ... Probably your case.
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    Default Re: Am I abusing my tractor?

    If you own a kubota, the hydraulic oil vent cap is probably just behind and below the seat, and I too smell a whiff of hydraulics in high heat conditions.

    If your oil level stays constant I don't see a problem. If you are losing oil then you may have a pinhole leak, but be careful as the high pressure can puncture the skin, and cause all sorts of problem. I suggest using gloves and a clean rag to run along the hose and fittings to search for a high pressure pin hole leak.

    PS- Don't forget to use your safety glassed also
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