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    Default Advice for a newbie

    I've been following on here for quite awhile now, thats why I'm posting to you guys and not another forum ;-). First some background. I own a little over 6 acres in southwest Washington, about 1 acre is "yard" and out of the rest I have about 2-3 that are useable. Awhile back my brothers neighbor had a kubota B5200 with brush hog, finish mower, FEL and rototiller for sale and I bought it. I've been unhappy with it from day 1, no hydrostatic, leaking seal causing the FEL to lower as I'm using it and it also has Ag tires. I rarely use the tractor and my wife wants it gone. I also have a mid 80's JD 320 (similar to the 318 but they only made this model a couple years) garden tractor with a 52 inch deck, absolutely love this mower but.... I'm not very mechanically inclined and lately the mower has been making 2-3 trips a year in for service.
    So now my dilemma, should I:
    1. Buy this JD 1026R I've been eyeballing, put a 7 iron deck on, H120 FEL and maybe a few attachments.
    2. Keep my 320 and keep having it worked on multiple times a year (it's dead in the water as we speak).
    3. Replace the 320 and just get a nice garden tractor, preferably a 700 series with a diesel.

    I really want the 1026r but my wife thinks I wont use it as much as I tell her I will. I can understand her hesitation as I rarely use my Kubota since it's a pain for me to switch implements (back injury) and the manual tranny is a huge hassle (for me anyway). And I've already got a quote on the 1026, they quoted 16,600 for the tractor, 7 iron deck, H120 loader imatch hitch and loaded tires, does that sound about right? I'm actually thinking of going with turf tires too since it'll be mainly a mower.

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    Default Re: Advice for a newbie

    I think you're an impulse buyer...

    That said, if you want to maintain all of your property (not just the acre of lawn), I'd suggest selling or trading in everything you've got (kubota and the Deere mower) except for the rotary cutter and tiller then going for something a bit bigger then the 1026.
    If you want to keep the money fairly low, look for a 5-10 year old Deere 2000 series...or, a Kubota B7510/7610 or BX series. Either machine would be small enough for your lawn, yet big enough for the brush mowing. Good chance you'll find those older tractors with R-3 turfs or R-4 Industrials, either type would be fine for mowing. Obviously, you'd want a loader and finish mower.

    Personally, I think you'd be unhappy with the 1026 within a few months.
    Roy Jackson

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