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    Default Re: Seized Water Pump. Not happy

    $85? - You did great!

    The last water pump failure I had was on a 1968 Volvo 145S. When the bearing let go, the pump shaft, which was bolted to the fan, lost axial retention and shifted forward, augering into the radiator. So I had to get towed home, buy and install a new pump, fan and radiator. This was back in '79 and the cost to me was north of $400. Talk about not happy.
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    Default Re: Seized Water Pump. Not happy

    Quote Originally Posted by IH3444 View Post
    Thank goodness you can still get parts. You should check your antifreeze, change it if over 5 years. It has lube in it for the pump. You can also just purchase water pump lube additive at any auto parts store. How long since your last service?
    I had a water pump squeal for a couple weeks on my ole chevy truck. One day it stopped squeeling and set the belts on fire, before I could cut it off..some older Fords used to just shear the pump shaft and put the fan into the radiator..So really you did okay--on your rig....., I always used coolant, but the pump lube can go away, or become depleated..
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    Default Re: Seized Water Pump. Not happy

    Started taking the pump off. There is no room to work!! Im not happy with the design since there is a mile of room in front of the radiator. But zero room between the radiator and the pulleys. Im trying to do it without removing the radiator but this might not be possible. Had to remove the shroud just to get the fan off. I didnt save the coolent. Im gonna put new stuff in it.
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    Default Re: Seized Water Pump. Not happy

    If some of the radiator fins get folded from being brushed against you can use a fine tooth dog comb and sweep them gently out before putting shroud back on. Then air will flow through those areas.

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