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    Carroll, Ohio
    IH Farmall 656 gas/ IH 240 Utility/ 2, Super C Farmalls/ 2, Farmall A's/ Farmall BN/McCormick-Deering OS-6/McCormick-Deering O-4/ '36 Farmall F-12/ 480 Case hoe. '65 Ford 2000 3 cyl., 4 spd. w/3 spd Aux. Trans

    Default Re: What Do You Do?

    Joined the Operating Engineers Apprenticeship program in '73. Also started as summer help at ODOT, until a job opened in Construction. Gas Embargo hit in '73, and pretty well shut down big construction for more than several years. Got on ODOT full time, but stayed in the apprenticeship for 3 years, but never on a job.

    Stayed with ODOT for 32 years, the last 17 years operating heavy equipment in 7 counties. Retired at age 50 with full benefits. As I look back, glad I stuck with it.

    Collected antique, and classic, mostly IH tractors, and David Bradley garden tractors, and a few Fairbanks-Morse throttling-govenor engines over the years.

    Now in to trail riding horses, horsecamping, and volunteer maintaining bridle trails in State/Federal Parks & Forests.

    That has been put on hold for the last few years, after buying the homplace where I grew up, and prepping to suit my needs now with all my animals, and toys...

    Life is good..!!

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    Default Re: What Do You Do?

    I grew up farming, worked a few other jobs, then settled into being a full-time firefighter. After 29 years, I retired 6-1/2 years ago, nice to be able to work on my schedule (& the Dr's.)! ~~ grnspot

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    Between machines at the moment


    I spent 20 years in the U.S. Air Force...managed to get an MA in Education as soon as I got out and I'm enjoying my second career as an 8th grade social studies teacher. I spend my summers taking care of my own little slice of heaven in Western North Carolina.
    Bobcat CT225

    ...and not enough time to get everything I want to get done.

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    new holland tn70

    Default Re: What Do You Do?

    i was in the service station (full service) and convienence store business for about 18 years sold out small time farming on the farm i was raised on got bored and was spending alot of money so started driving truck been doing this for 12 years now works out good i work local 36 hrs 1 week and 48 hrs the next week.

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    2001 John Deere 790 4x4, bar tires

    Default Re: What Do You Do?

    After high school, I went to a two year tech school and got a two year degree in industrial electronics. Have worked as an electronics tech for about 27 years, but was promoted to a grade B engineer 4 years ago by my current employer. I did get certified as an EMT basic a few years ago, with thoughts of maybe changing careers, but decided to drop that and stay with what I had. Things are not looking too good at work now, but you never know what your chosen path will bring as you go down it. I still have a good dozen years or so before I can retire.
    Nothing could be finer than riding my JD790 in South Carolina!!

    2001 John Deere 790 4x4 with Model 70 FEL, 5ft International World Agritech bush hog, 5ft Wallberg BB, 5ft Frontier disc harrow, 5 1/2ft Cultipacker, 5ft Sitrex finish mower, Leinbach PHD with 9" & 12" augers, Leinbach middlebuster, Leinbach #11 Field Cultivator, custom 3pt handi-hitch, clamp on bucket forks, Pat's Easy Change.

    It's not how slow you mow... it's how well you mow slow!!

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    I have been at my current job for going in two years now. I work in a paper mill. The paper we make is partition paper. For example, the divider in a case of beer... That's what kind of paper we make. It's a very good place to work, I like it there. I can work all the overtime I want.
    2012 JD 2320
    200cx FEL 61" Bucket
    62D MMM
    60" King Kutter Rear Blade
    King Kutter Middle Buster
    5' County Line Box Blade
    Home made 3PH trailer mover
    Home Made Drag

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    Kioti DK50SE HST w/FEL, John Deere LX266 & STX38 Mowers. Stihl MS290 20" bar (For Sale), CS261, & FS190 + Echo CS400 & rusty old Ranger snowplow truck

    Default Re: What Do You Do?

    I have been a computer geek (hardware side) most of my life. I've got 30 years experience in my field. I've been is support, product development, marketing, and sales, pretty much always with something "technical" in my title and/or job description.

    I've designed custom server systems from the ground up, defining the motherboard features, the sheetmetal chassis, plastic bezels, and even built the assembly line they got assembled on. But I cannot fix your email system or reset your password, or write decent code... I'm more like a mechanic hence "hardware" vs "software", but lately I've been doing more of both.

    I currently work for the company that PROBABLY built the laptop or desktop you are using...

    I'm very interested in turning my place into a real farm/ranch and starting up some form of agri-business or heavy equipment business, or ???

    I'm thinking about change...

    Be well,
    Former Submariner & Army SGT
    2011 Kioti DK50SE HST, KL-401 FEL w/72" bucket, tooth bar, & Ratchet Rake, 2 rear remotes, canopy, WR Long RBG72 Grapple, Woods BB72X cutter & TSG-50 stump grinder, TSC PHD, Titan 48" Pallet Forks, & more to come. & 2003 JD LX266 42" deck mower.

    Managing 51 Acres of Virginia hills with ponds & streams, Freshly replanted Loblolly!, riding trails, empty pasture, long gravel drive, garden, & yard.

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    Ford 2910II

    Default Re: What Do You Do?

    I started right out of high school working for a printing equipment the warehouse/delivery boy, That was 1985, i was paid $3.35 per hour. I am now the service manager for the same company. I have been to over 35 training classes over the years, can work on anything in a printshop. presses are mechanical,electrical,hydraulic,pnuematic,dark room equipment adds plumbing,plate makers ad networking and running cat 5 cables. we also do our own rigging, and delivery now, so thats hauling a 12,000 pound forklift around and moving machines that can weigh over a ton. I never know from one day to the next if I will be elbow deep in an old A B Dick printing press, or delivering a shiney new laser operated plate maker. my tool sets go from a 3mm wrench to a 2 inch socket and my boss promises if I keep working real hard, I will make it up to $4.00 per hour sometime soon !!!!

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    LS XR3037HC / Mitsubishi MT372

    Default Re: What Do You Do?

    Chef and Maitre D for the Marriott Corp till '72.
    Food Warehouse (Frozen) Mgr till '96.
    Florida State Corrections Officer (Death Row) til '07.
    Retired in '07
    Fully Disabled @ 56.

    Daughter (The Baby of 8) has a Horse Addiction.
    Bought land and built a Equine Boarding/Breeding Facility.

    Didn't take long to get addicted to Farm Life.
    Seen more of humanity than a human is supposed to witness.
    Guard my quiet life jealously.

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    "The Old Goat Ranch" Grimes County, Texas
    1990 - JD 870

    Default Re: What Do You Do?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Page View Post
    I envy you your job. I took an advanced first aid class in college that I found fascinating. Had it not been for the family business I think I would have become a Paramedic.
    Hats off to you for helping other others.

    Thank YOU Mark! I love what I do...

    Next May will be 35 years since I earned my Texas License to serve as a Volunteer, and through all sorts of jobs that I have loved or hated, being a Medic has been the one constant...

    After being "Down Sized" a while back, I decided I would never wake up another day doing a job I did not love and went Medic-ing full-time....

    And now I get to do what I love and they PAY me for it...

    Life has indeed, been GOOD...

    Be Safe Out There....

    "...As I get older, I find that any day in which my gratitude exceeds my expectations is a good day..."

    ----- Ray Wylie Hubbard, musician

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