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    Default air compressor

    I have been going on line and looking at 60 gallon air compressors.There are all kinds of brands and types of pumps.I've been looking at the campbell hausfeld extreme duty for $649 at air compressor direct. I've looked at the IR for $729. I've got a 30 amp circuit so it needs to be in the 3hp range and no more than 30 amps at full draw. I've also wondered about leaving it on the pallet. Some of the on line manuels say to bolt it to the floor. Can I hear what you did and the compressors in your shops.

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    Default Re: air compressor

    I have a 60 gallon CH, the one that's I think $429 at Tractor Supply. I like it alot, it has solved all my compressor problems for the foreseeable future. I just left it on the pallet and it works great.
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    Default Re: air compressor

    I put caster wheels into the base of mine so it can roll around easily. Not that I do...

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    Default Re: air compressor

    I have an 80 gallon Husky (sold at Home Depot) and made by Campbell Hausfeld. It has a 4 HP motor that draws 16.5A max. I have it plugged into a 220V 30A circuit. It is bolted to the same pallet the previous 60 gallon compressor sat on and not anchored to the floor. It has never moved from where it sits.

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    Default Re: air compressor

    I left my 60 gallon Puma on the pallet as recommended by the dealer and that was not from one of the box stores but a business that did nothing but compressors and accessories from the small cheap ones to big ones they built themselves.

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    Default Re: air compressor

    i left mine on the pallet, it's been there for over 15 years. It's a sanborn/blackmax 5hp, 80 gallon . When sizing the circuit breaker, use the 80 percent rule. if the largest motor has a FLA (full load amps) of 16, you use an 20 amp breaker. 16 is 80% of 20. it may not always work out to be perfect math but use the next highest rated breaker available.

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    Default Re: air compressor

    The gallons don't really tell the whole story.

    If you are planning to run something specifically, like your favorite air tool or a plasma cutter, you need to match the CFM.

    Also, horsepower ratings can be completely misleading. Look at shop vacs for a good example of that. My old compressor was called a three HP, but is really about 1 1/2 and could not keep up. I replaced it with an Ingersoll Rand single stage compressor that has a genuine 5 HP motor and puts out over 18 CFM at 90 psi. Now were talking! I can run equipment continuously if needed.

    So, pick the compressor by the CFM and match it to the load.

    If you just want to spray paint, run a nail gun and fill some tires, it's a non issue, but for specific tools with heavy use you need some power.

    Once I picked the spot for it I bolted it to the floor. Then installed a 1/4" ball valve on the bottom, for the condensate drain, and a hose that runs out through the wall.

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    Default Re: air compressor

    Mine sits on vibration dampeners (3-4 dollars each @ mcmastercarr/grainger's) and I installed an automatic drain. Mine's an 80 gal 2 stage with a refrigerated dryer. Plasma cutters and paint guns like dry air.

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    Default Re: air compressor

    I've got a CH 60gl/6hp upright bolted to the floor. I cut little blocks from rubber horse stall matting for isolation. It is wired to a 2 pole, 230V, 20A dedicated circuit. The nomenclature says 15A max and it has never tripped the breaker.

    3HP at 30A seems high. Was that a 120V unit?
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