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    Default Help with sticking throttle

    Hello Forum, please forgive me and redirect me if this topic's already been covered. I've seen some reference to my problem, but not exactly....

    Tractor is a JD650 (it's 2 cylinder Yanmar diesel). The throttle is tough to move at startup, but it seems to loosen up a bit once the engine's been running for a while. The linkage is fine, it's the control arm on the injector pump which is tough to move. I've always used a diesel additive to lubricate the pump, so I don't think it's my fuel?

    Is there any fix for this, or am I destined for a pump rebuild/replacement?

    Thanks for your help...

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    Default Re: Help with sticking throttle

    you don't mention if the tractor is new or used? when i got mine, the throttle was also hard moving , just kept spraying it with wd 40, but the best cure was use, the more i used it the better it got.

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    Default Re: Help with sticking throttle

    Sorry, the tractor is used, but I've owned it for about 3 years. I've never had the problem until now, which leads me to believe something has deteriorated/broken in the injection pump?

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    Default Re: Help with sticking throttle

    ...more on the throttle. I spent about 4.5 hours on the tractor yesterday mowing my field and the throttle never loosened up. It's to the point now where it's REALLY tough to move at all. Any advice short of seeing my dealer?


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    Default Re: Help with sticking throttle

    Lubricate the throttle shaft with penetrating oil where it enters the pump. They can bind between the shaft seal and the outside surface of the pump. Remove the throttle linkage and work the pump lever vigorously, but not further than it normally moves.

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