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    Default Clay vs BH-Clay Wins

    I have a 12" backhoe bucket and I am hoping for some tips with a small problem I'm having while digging in clay. Every time scoop in the clay layer it stays stuck in the bucket. I literally have chip away at it in order to get the clay out and it takes about 5 minutes each time. Anyone have any tips or tricks I can use?
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    Default Re: Clay vs BH-Clay Wins

    wet clay is a problem in smaller/narrower backhoe buckets...
    I have the same prob in clay with my BX24.
    I found that making a smaller/shallower cut that does not pack the clay into the bottom of the bucket works much better... slower digging, but for me it almost eliminates having to dig the clay out of the bucket.


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    Default Re: Clay vs BH-Clay Wins

    My 18" bucket is narrower in the back than the front to help dirt fall out. Even then it can stick but all I need to do is uncurl the bucket and when it hits the hard stop it makes a pretty good bang that shakes the dirt loose. Occasionally I'll have to move the lever back and forth a few times to repeatedly hit the hard stop.
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    Default Re: Clay vs BH-Clay Wins

    Just have to learn to shave it, and not cram it in the bucket. It will more than likely still build up in the corners, over time. It will come, with time spent in the seat...

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    Default Re: Clay vs BH-Clay Wins

    Load some diesel fuel in a garden sprayer. Then spray down the bucket. It will last about 10 minutes. You can use old hydraulic fluid thinned with diesel.

    This works best with a helper rather than having to get off of the tractor and hose the bucket down yourself. However, if the spray can reach the bucket in full curl while seated you can give it a try.

    Oh...don't ask the EPA if this is a good idea.
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    Default Re: Clay vs BH-Clay Wins

    Over the years, there have been several threads on this subject and I don't remember a perfect solution. Here is one that might give you some ideas -

    Let us know if you come up with something that works.
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    Default Re: Clay vs BH-Clay Wins

    Lots of good suggestions by all.

    A wider bucket with controlled shaving and spraying with a surfactant to reduce surface tension all will help. I would add that waiting for drier weather should help alot too.

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    Default Re: Clay vs BH-Clay Wins

    I'll agree with those that say make smaller bites/shaving. I definately would not be spraying oil products into the soil There is also a way to take an old tire chain and hook it in the bucket. When you uncurl, the chain goes taunt and pops the clay out.

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    Default Re: Clay vs BH-Clay Wins

    Diesel works, but a more ecologically friendly option is a can of "Pam" cooking spray. Your small bucket won't take that much, but even big buckets get clogged up with gloopy clay.

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