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    Default Re: HELP can I adapt a 5hp log splitter to run off tractor?

    I definitely would not have a 3pt splitter, but that's just how I work. I buck the trees up where they fall, move the splitter in close, and position my bucket above the splitter.

    The pieces go straight from the splitter to the bucket. When the bucket is full, the tractor heads down to the wood stack, where I unload from the bucket directly to the stacked wood. So, I end up touch each piece of wood 2x before it is stacked.

    Furthermore, if I have really heavy chunks of wood, I use my backhoe with thumb to lift these on to the splitter, which really works out well.
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    Default Re: HELP can I adapt a 5hp log splitter to run off tractor?

    Don't know your tractor or the splitter, but in theory you just pull the lines off the hydraulic valve that would normally go to the pump, then plumb them into the "power beyond" lines of your tractor. I've got two splitters that work that way on my JD....
    Just make sure that you leave the lines long enough that you can use the splitter without hooking it up to the 3pth.
    I have one splitter chained to the corner of my woodshed, the other is more portable, normally I use the forks to set it somewhere, then hook the hoses up and split anything within reach...

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    Default Re: HELP can I adapt a 5hp log splitter to run off tractor?

    Ok I have read every1's replies. As far as the " no 3 point" , for me I have about 20 engines I am maintaining already. After your maintaining that many engines you start figuring out how to reduce that number how ever you can.

    I say 3 point splitter and root grapple ( to grapple pile onto trailer ) and trailer parked beside the pile. Detache the splitter hoist with grapple on top of pile and hook trailer to tractor ball and go back to home to unstack and unload.

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    Default Re: HELP can I adapt a 5hp log splitter to run off tractor?

    @Joulian just remember more engines means less hrs of wear per engine to do the same job. Plus if 1 dies you'll still be in operation. I'll try to get some pictures of my setup. Splitter hitches to the back of my dump trailer, tractor pulls everything up to logs. split the smaller stuff and throw it into trailer. Anything big is no problem, unhook tractor use bucket to pick up bigger blocks. Once trailer is loaded drive to splitter garage unhook. Then drive to wood shed back up next to pile and stack, very easy and minimal wood handling. I have a very messed up spine, this has saved me many aches and hrs, made things much easier. Not knocking 3pt splitters to each his own, but after handling one for years seperate is much easier and gives more options. Honestly how much maintenance is their in a little 6.5hp engine, change the oil once a yr?

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