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    Default Got my Rachet Rake today

    I just got my rachet rake today and I was anxious to try it out. It did a good job of getting the underbrush out, I am sure was I get more family with my new JD 1026 I will get the hang of our to use it better. Any tips on how to get it all the brush out? I still had some small stuff sticking up.

    2012 John Deere 1026, 60"MMM, FEL, LandPride box scrapper, 52", LandPride RCR1248 rotary cutter,Landpride RB1560, Landpride quick hitch, RachetRake, Trac Vac 880, Sthil FS90 trimmer/brushcutter, Stihl MS310 chainsaw, Stihl BR600 Magnum Backpack blower, Stihl 180c chainsaw

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    Default Re: Got my Rachet Rake today

    To get all the brush out you may have to rake the same area several times going forward as well as reverse. The small stuff sometimes just bends over so you need downward pressure on the rake to dig the roots out.

    This info is from the RR site:

    FORWARD OPERATION-The bottom surface of the loader bucket should be orientated paralled with the ground. The operator
    lowers the bucket to achieve the desired amount of penetration into soil or vegetation.
    BACKWARD OPERATION-The bottom surface of the loader bucket should be orientated at a 30 degree to 50 degree angle to
    the ground which allows both sets of teeth to be utilitzed simultaneously. The operator lowers the bucket to achieve the desired
    amount of penetration. This is the most effective bucket position when pulling out rocks or debree from the ground
    IN THICK BRUSH-Limiting passes to 20’-30’ is recommended. Lift and shake out rake after operating forward. Then proceed
    backward on the same track with the bucket tilted to aid in gathering up the loosened brush or vegetation
    SMALLER MACHINES-May be more effective taking passes of only one half bucket width in thick brush.
    NEW LAWNS-To achieve a seedbed with a smooth and powderlike consistency, the top 2”-3” of soil should be dried out.
    WEBSITE VIDEO-We recommend watching the video demonstration at before using our product.

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    Default Re: Got my Rachet Rake today

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