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    Default Re: Yellowjacket nest dismount

    Quote Originally Posted by droy View Post
    Same thing happened to me couple months ago!
    Had a Diet Coke with ice in mug while outside working, ice had pretty much melted, and bumble bee kept buzzing my drink. Finally, wasn't paying attention, took a big gulp; I felt something go down; thought it was a small piece of ice.....then the pain kicked in!!!!!!!!! Honestly thought I was having a heart attack! Pain, PAIN!!! Pain was down into my chest, difficulty breathing; pain; light headed; more pain; nausea; even more pain; couldn't make it into the house, had to lay down in the grass, did I mention pain? Guessing about fifteen minutes, seemed like hours, I attempted to get up and try the twenty feet to the house- couldn't make it! Finally got inside, for approx. two hours, I would get spasms, gradually less painful, and less intense.
    Learned me to:
    (1) Take a GOOD look in my drink before.
    (2) Guard the area around my drink better than airspace above 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    On another note, friend who supervises clearing and maintenance of their pipeline right of ways, stated that for ground hornets, a long joint of 2" PVC pipe, and can of gas is standard equipment with their crews; work the pipe to the hole, lift, and begin pouring. Two "bodyguards" with a can of wasp spray in each hand are positioned near the pipe holder and pour guy. Safety man was against use of gas until he saw a sting victim en route to hospital. Now he turns the other way.
    You are a lucky man! A sting to the inside of the throat can be fatal

    I had a yellow jacket get inside my beer can one time. Thank goodness I filtered the next drink thru my teeth, but the yellow jacket still managed to lodge between my upper lip and gum. I killed it by smashing it between the two. Looked like Frankenstein for the next couple of days
    As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. (Proverbs 27:17)

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    Default Re: Yellowjacket nest dismount

    I dusted the first yellow jacket nest of the season today. My cousin found it in the ground near my garden a couple of days ago while we were planting some late tomatoes. I dusted my potato patch this afternoon and decided to get the yellow jackets while I was at it. One big handful of permetherin dust on the entrance caused a big gob of them to gather. I pulled my truck up to where I could watch them to see what happened. Five minutes of frantic flying about, and then they started flying crazy, hitting the grass blades, buzzing around on the ground on their backs, then flying off. All the returning wasps would buzz around for a few swconds, then walk through the dust and go in the hole. Very few came out, but after 30 minutes, a very large wasp came out, maybe the queen, and buzzed around on the ground. I took a chance and covered her good, and she expired in a few minutes. I did see one worker pull a pupae from the hole, but the worker died pretty quick. After 1 hour, all was quiet, not even any stragglers returning.

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    The hair dryer works because heat kills the chemical reaction that causes the pain. Doing a marihuana eradication detail...yeah, I'm a cop...i got stung between 50 and 100 times. Doctor said to take the hottest bath I could handle. That did the trick. It's a fairly new concept.

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    Default Re: Yellowjacket nest dismount

    A few years ago my youngest daughter managed to kick up a nest of yellow jackets while she was picking blackberries in our old barn yard. She came screaming back to the house with half a dozen stings. I told her to wait until sundown and we would get our revenge. We went back and she showed me the nest low in the black berry bushes. A good sized one about a foot in diameter. I pointed my 58 caliber muzzleloader at it from one foot range and the muzzle blast mashed the nest flat and on fire. Just a few survivors around the next day and no rebuild. Apparently pyrodex leaves a no build message.

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    I've been stung more times than I can count and it was one of the factors for getting a tractor with a cab...Rainy weather last year made for a very dismal growing season for ground dwelling yellow jackets, plus I plugged up a few holes in the vinyl siding with expanding foam. Wonder if the moth balls will work with red ants?

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    Default Re: Yellowjacket nest dismount

    Quote Originally Posted by Don87 View Post
    When I was a kid, I set my soda can on the porch. A few minutes or so later........I took a drink. Nothin like a yellowjacket in your mouth, stinging away.
    Happened to me as well!! I no longer drink anything outside without a container. Terrible, terrible experience that will never happen again.

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