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    Default ? on running farm star disc

    I have a ~4 ft farm star (made in China from Cabela's) disc I have been trying to use with limited success. Pulling it with kubota b7200

    I have tried different ground conditions - wet but not too wet sems to work best
    Weight - better with my 200+ pounds sitting on it (but hard to steer from back there!)
    Have not really experimented with speed/ turning so much.
    Vegetation - with no weight, cut better with less vegetation

    So I am now trying to disc some small fields for food plots and wildlife, planting some buckwheat and a foodplot mixture. I have sprayed roundup to remove/ stop vegetation. Ground is drier than ideal but I cannot control that.

    How do get the best disced ground? straight lines, lots of turns, speed?

    I am planning on having someone weld a frame to clamp on that will hold ~8 cinderblocks, but other suggestions/ experiences appreciated. a similar setup was an accessory at one time, so I'm guessing weight is the main issue?

    I also have access to a single botton play I could use first, and a 4 ft spring drag.
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    Default Re: ? on running farm star disc

    As you have noted, most of the small discs for compact tractors are too light to initially break the ground. If you can load it heavily enough to cut fresh soil, frequently the tractor cannot pull it, or lift it, or both. If you really need to break ground deeply, then using the plow first will allow you to cut the ground, then use the disc to level it and break up the clods.

    I think trying to turn with the disc in the ground is a good way to bend or break things on the tractor or disc. The small tandem discs are designed to pull in straight lines, with minimal direction adjustments, not changes.

    You may get lucky, especially just doing food plots, and be able to ballast the disc heavily enough to be usable. Let us know how you do, good luck!

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