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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Page
    I can't ever remember the diff lock on my MF helping out in snow.
    I occasionally use the diff lock on my Deere 4100 when blowing snow. Just enough hill and ice that 4WD isn't enough. I've never been stuck in snow - yet.

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    Default Re: Differential Lock Usage

    Quote Originally Posted by Beltzington View Post
    I noticed I was using the differential lock pedal instead of 4WD for getting out of a loss of traction situation. I guess I started using this method because it is quicker for me
    I wouldn't worry about it too much. Those of us who've used 2WD for years only had the option of locking the diff.

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    Default Re: Differential Lock Usage

    Thanks for all the replies, most of my traction issues are caused by washouts and other very short term terrain conditions usually resolved within a few feet. While 4WD is the obvious option, tight turns required in these same areas results in binding of the front diff which isn't good on the driveline either. While this same condition exist using the rear diff locker, because it is closer the pivot point, I don't feel the same strain on the tractor.

    Funny I did not think of trying differential braking as I had designed a similar mechanism for my Jeep's rear emergency brake. I will definitely be trying this next time out. Raising the deck also makes good sense.

    This is why I like this forum, as I get older I try working smarter and being able to hear your experiences is priceless. Please keep them coming.

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    Default Re: Differential Lock Usage

    left and right back rear brakes. diff lock, are important to me!

    4WD. is nice! but 2WD and above. i can get out of a good amount situations.

    though i do rely on the FEL (front end loader) to push or pull my rear out of some sticky guey situations.

    when all else fails, i brake the backhoe out, to drag my rear out.

    when everything fails. then i end up acting like a monkey, operating FEL, Backhoe, DIFF lock, or split brakes all at once. it may take me a little time, but will get it unstuck.

    one thing that bugs me on some tractors. is split brakes are same foot as gas pedal. and there is not enough room to stick both feet wearing boots on. onto gas and brake pedals.

    2WD, i prefer, more of the time, i end up over using per say the split brake pedals, for tighter turns. and controlling wheel spin.

    but there are times, when trying to hit left or right brake pedals to control wheel spin is overkill. and easier to just press DIFF lock. so both rear wheels spin.

    4WD, causes a larger turn, that i just do not like. though in muddy conditions if i have 4WD i will use it. so wheels are less likely to spin out.

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