My husband bought a used 605 baler. He mows and I bale. I've gotten the size of the bale reprogrammed and the tail gate open figured out. But I don't know why the belt sensors are not telling me how level my bale is in the chamber. Anyone have any ideas so I have to figure the monitor out.I'm working on getting the bugs worked out. I'm trying to figure out the monitor; I got the monitor set to tie a bale a 6 foot. I've figured out the end gate open monitor. I'm not able to get the monitor to help me make a level bale. I have been winging it. I have a belt that keeps twisting in the back of the baler; I don't know if I'm not keeping enough hay on that side of the baler when starting a bale or if the belt is a little longer than the others or what exactly is causing the belt to twist. Any help is greatly appreciated.