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    Default Re: almost flipped the tractor, really need some help!

    would have been a good time to wax that tranny/rear end case though

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    Default Re: almost flipped the tractor, really need some help!

    Quote Originally Posted by k0ua View Post
    Here is my ballast Barrell.. on Post #26 pictures I have made some modifications since, about 750 lbs without chains.

    James K0UA
    I have the identical setup to James, except in a plastic rain barrel. Mine is pulled in tighter between the rear tires though. Very easy to make and cheap.

    One thing no one mentioned is that you should be in 4x4 at all times with those slopes, and start down the slope in the range that the motor will act as the brake. Don't rely on the tractor brakes to slow you down if it gets away on you.

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    Default Re: almost flipped the tractor, really need some help!

    Wow, I sure would have had to change my panties after that. Like the others have said you are way under counter balanced. Filling the tires on your property is a must. Even with filled tires I always use a heavy implement on the rear for loader work. Think of it like a teeter totter. Put the big guy on one side and the little guy is going to end up in the air every time.

    Lack of power going up hill is a like James said. It is common for new hydrostatic users to apply more pedal when they need more power. We have all been doing it for years in our trucks. In this case less pedal equals more torque. It will get you up the hills. Also, never change gear ranges while on a slope. There is a lag time when you are in neutral and the tractor will free wheel you in a way you will not like.

    There are no worries with loaded tires when you have the loader removed. Many ag tractors don't have a loader but use loaded tires for traction and stability. Depending on your year round climate it isn't hard to load your tires with environmentally safe anti-freeze and water at home. A search on the forum will bring up some good DIY discussions.

    Welcome to the forum and I am glad you dodged the bullet on this one.


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    Default Re: almost flipped the tractor, really need some help!

    Lucky you didnt hurt your self.
    As said by almost every poster before, add an rear ballast.
    And in the future (with the ballast at the rear) when you go downhill with maybe some load in the bucket, be prepaired to lower the bucket FAST, to aviod the situation you ended up in. Ive done the same with my tractors, but allways a hand on the FEL so I can correct when I feel its starts to go wrong.
    You could self recovered youself by lower the FEL and tilt the bucket down.

    But when you end up in this situation for your first time, you dont think allways smart and fast.

    But we learn as we live
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    Default Re: almost flipped the tractor, really need some help!

    Glad you avoided the worst case scenario, albeit barely, and were able to take pictures.

    Suspect you'll be loading the tires and looking for a little more rear ballast, and has been said, not too many of us that haven't been in a similar situation so don't get too upset at yourself, important thing is to learn from it.

    Thanks for sharing, an excellent example of how quickly things can turn on you.

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    Default Re: almost flipped the tractor, really need some help!

    Yes your quite lucky indeed. I can't offer any other great advice then whats been given already and I agree with it all. Just remember for future use of the fel, keep it as close to the ground as possible when carrying the bucket loaded, glad you are ok and thanks for the photos. We all make mistakes, hopefully after seeing your pics we'll all remember the advice given.
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    Default Re: almost flipped the tractor, really need some help!

    Its unfortunate you decided to tackle an advanced FEL job with little to no experience operating the new tractor with it.

    So lessons to take away.

    1) MORE counterweight
    2) always keep the bucket as low to the ground as possible when moving, especially down hill, and double especially when moving cross hill.

    One of the things you'll learn is that when moving down hill with a full bucket in the air, you want to keep a hand on the FEL lever and as soon as things start feeling light in the rear dump the FEL to float position. This keeps your pic from happening.

    As for working harder to get up the hill, yes likely, you added like 1200 lbs of loader to the tractor, which would be like a third of the weight of the tractor before hand.
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    Default Re: almost flipped the tractor, really need some help!

    Quote Originally Posted by teg View Post

    That seems like a pretty big 4in1 bucket - is that the correct size for that tractor?
    I imagine its the right bucket, its the one the dealer provided me. Its australian manufactured. Ill attach a link to it.

    So its about a 300kg bucket! that plus the 300cx seems to be quit alot of weight at the front.

    Quote Originally Posted by RoyJackson View Post
    You do have the tractor back down on the 4 tires, right? Have you started it yet? Any problems?
    No problems with the tractor, its running fine. Just havent been brave enough to go down that slope again! I was a lot more confident before this ( overconfident). This has been good for me im taking things ALOT slower and safer now.

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    Default Re: almost flipped the tractor, really need some help!

    Not much to add that hasn't already been well said. Your jeans will probably be alright after you or the Misses runs them through the wash a couple of times but you might want to save time and just bury the skivvies.
    That is about as close as you can get without doing a full flop. You are a lucky man.

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    I think the recommendations for counterweight are all very light. Given you bucket was empty and that happened, it will do the same thing loaded with only 600-800 lbs counter weight. Loaded tires would be an excellent start but 3PH ballast in the form of a heavy box blade or something will actually help take weight off the front tires too. These pictures tell me you probably need both.

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