I've been using this tractor to grade a section of my property for lawn. I've been switching between the loader and the backhoe a lot and when I spin the seat around the female end of the seatbelt which is attached to the seat hits the pto lever causing the machine to stall if my weight isn't on the seat, every time this happens I just put the pto lever back into the off position and the machine starts fine, well yesterday it happened again and now the tractor won't start, it lights up and when I turn the key it just clicks like there is a safety switch not activated, does anyone have any experience with this problem and if so how'd u get it to start? Also I think the cable for the pto lever is bad because when I pull the lever into the off position the cable does nothing and I have to get under the machine and manually put the arm in the off position... Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks, Jeff