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    Default Dumb Thing.........Smart Thing.

    Please feel free to post some of your seat times less intelligent moments!

    Dumb thing: spending 5 minutes to push that branch into the fire.

    smart thing: get off the tractor and throw it in.

    Dumb Thing: boy this tree is a lot heavier than it looks.

    Smart thing: check your parking break.

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    Default Re: Dumb Thing.........Smart Thing.

    Easy for me as I have a lot to choose from.

    Smart thing, make rule for self and wife / sons who operate my tractor; always get off and on from only the left side because the FEL lever is soemwhat in the way on the right side and you wouldn't want to get hung up on it.

    Dumb thing, stretching fence by myself when tired and past ready to quit, jump off of right side of tractor to get fence off of small tree stump and catch short pants leg on FEL lever. Pull lever completely out of ball and socket on top of valve resulting it trip to dealer for new upgraded ball and socket assembly.

    Smart thing; Now I really do only get off and on left side of tractor.

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    Default Re: Dumb Thing.........Smart Thing.

    Get off the right hand side while helper is in the bucket cleaning the leaves out of the gutter...

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    Default Re: Dumb Thing.........Smart Thing.

    Handle shovel the snow away from mailbox so I won't hit it w/plow.
    In hurry entering driveway w/plow up snapping mailbox post off....dang.

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    Default Re: Dumb Thing.........Smart Thing.

    Smart thing: Raising the FEL bucket to avoid hitting the siding on a close turn near the house.

    Dumb thing: After that close turn, While waving to the neighbor- forgetting to lower the FEL bucket and taking the satellite dish off the house.
    I thank God everyday for all of the blessings he has given me- especially for the one's I do not recognize or see!

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    Default Re: Dumb Thing.........Smart Thing.

    Smart Thing:Having foot rests fabricated and welded to the running board.

    Dumb Thing: Paying more attention to a ground hog than the tree right in front of me.
    Gear Up and Throttle Down.

    2011 Massey 2615, 7ft Woods Rear Discharge Finish Mower, 6 ft Lucknow Snow Blower, Danuser post hole digger with 12" and 24" augers, 350 lb 3 pt broadcast spreader, 7ft scraper blade, 7 ft. drag harrow, JD GT 275 rider with 38" snow blower attachment.

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    Default Re: Dumb Thing.........Smart Thing.

    Smart thing - realizing it's still too wet to skid logs out of the woods

    Dumb thing - going in anyway

    Smart thing - realizing I was starting to throw a lot of dirt and wasn't moving and needed to stop and disconnect from the logs

    Dumb thing - not doing the smart thing and got it stuck up to the axle housing

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    Default Re: Dumb Thing.........Smart Thing.

    Smart Thing: Tossing the shovel in the bucket so I wont forget it.

    Dumb Thing: Not curling the bucket. Shovel fell out on a down hill run. Ran over it with a front tire.

    Smart Thing: Stopped before the rear tire went over it.

    Dumb Thing: Still need a new shovel, front tire snapped the handle.

    Smart Thing: Buying a new shovel and getting rid of the old one without Wife knowing
    John Deere 2030 JD 245SL Loader
    John Deere 6415 mfwd JD 640SL Loader

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    Smart thing- unload the tractor a few hundred feet from the house and use the FEL to carry the heavy chains and binders to the garage.

    Dumb thing- forget the chains are in the bucket, load up debris, and then dump the debris over the steep holler I am trying to fill up.

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    Default Re: Dumb Thing.........Smart Thing.

    Smart thing: While bushhogging I see a bottle lying on the ground and thinking I should stop and pick it up to get it out of the way.

    Dumb thing: Not stopping to get off and pick the bottle up, so I run over with a front tire, break the bottle, and end up having to plug the tire.
    Nothing could be finer than riding my JD790 in South Carolina!!

    2001 John Deere 790 4x4 with Model 70 FEL, 5ft International World Agritech bush hog, 5ft Wallberg BB, 5ft Frontier disc harrow, 5 1/2ft Cultipacker, 5ft Sitrex finish mower, Leinbach PHD with 9" & 12" augers, Leinbach middlebuster, Leinbach #11 Field Cultivator, custom 3pt handi-hitch, clamp on bucket forks, Pat's Easy Change.

    It's not how slow you mow... it's how well you mow slow!!

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