Looks good! I used my box blade to put the ditches down both sides of my drive way. got the idea on this forum. I tilted it as far as i could and went down one side of the driveway and back up the other. After a few passes I had nice drainage ditches. I had a dip about half way down the drive and after a gully washe the water ran across the road in the low spot and washed off all the gravel. I fixed that by putting a small diversion ditch at the low spot. I built my base with about 4" of two inch grave and then added about 2" of 57s to top it off. Its been three years and no problems except the low spot. I finally got a rear blade and the ditch cleaning is alot quicker. I just tilt it as far as it will go and put the low side as close to my rear tire as possible and go. Pretty quick. GO MOUNTAINEERS!