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    Default What would you say about this fluid situation

    I asked a buddy of mine to check out a tractor that is a good ways from my house and he is much closer. The tractor is a 2000 NH TC35 4WD with 1300 hrs.

    Upon inspection my buddy found the fluid to be very clean looking on the 4WD oil dipstick. What didn't make sense to him, is that the owner told him the tractor stays in 4WD most of the time and that he doesn't remember ever changing the fluid.

    If that is the case, would the fluid be so clean looking after all this time? He did see a small amount of brown but he thinks the fluid was just too clean. He did say the tractor had been sitting for a while and he may not have given the machine enough time for gunk to get stirred up. Thanks for any opinions.

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    Default Re: What would you say about this fluid situation

    My JD 1070 fluid is still very clear wih 1100 hrs on it. In fact, so clear its hard to tell the level on the dipstick, other than the slight glaze from a liquid line. My F-935 on the other hand has a brownish tint to it with 2200 hrs on it.
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