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    Default 15 % ethanol

    Since the government is likely to raise the mandatory ethanol % in our gasoline from 10 to 15 % what does this do to us tractor owners of old tractors. For example- I have a 1963 Ford model 2000 4 cyl gas. I have heard that this will be hard on carburators. Is ther an additive to compensate for this?


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    The government at work! They would say, "we will help you, it's called CASH FOR CLUNKERS". Another great government idea.

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    Default Re: 15 % ethanol

    It's unlikely that we will see a mandatory increase from 10% to 15%. What the government has said is that unless your car is made for higher levels of Ethanol than 10% you can't use gas that has more than 10% Ethanol in it. Last year they raised it to allow you to use 15% but since most cars on the road were not designed to run more than 10% it'll be some time before we start seeing 15% at the pumps. The real problem will be getting the Ethanol needed to go higher. With the drought in the middle of the country and food prices going crazy it'll be hard for anyone in charge to try and go against public will and let the EPA raise it.
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