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    Default Re: Tractor batteries - any recommendations?

    Well, I found myself near my local Mahindra dealer, and thought I'd just support them. Got a battery at a reasonable price. I just hope it lasts as long as the original.

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    Default Re: Tractor batteries - any recommendations?

    I think the advantage of the dry cells (i.e. optima) is that they take the vibration better. I know that a lot of off-road trucks use them and they would do well in a tractor I think with all of the bouncing it does. I think that vibration and heat/ hold are what really kill a battery fast. I have never personally forked out the cash for one so I can't say. As far as other batteries go there aren't many manufacturers that make the batteries for everyone (I think there are 2) so I don't think there is a lot of difference between brands though there is definitely a difference between the different series' from the same brand. I have had luck with diehard gold and most everyone I know that knows anything recommends interstate but I really don't think it matters much.

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