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    Default kobalt 3.7 hp 155 cut off pressure

    i've been looking at the 60 gallon air compressor at lowes made by kobalt. It is a 3.7 hp and rated at 155 psi. I talked to kobalt customer service and they said it needed to be bolted down to a concrete floor so it would not move around. My experience with these 60 gallon is they stay put on the pallet and don't seem to vibrate much. The manufactures of some of these 60 gallons claim that the weld will brake from vibration. I have never seen this happen. I think they worry about the tipping more than anything and getting sued. Has anyone seen a weld crack on one of these air compressor. I would like to know how yours is mounted and if you had any troubled with the on site warranty from not mounting it to the concrete floor. Besides taking it off the pallet you risk tipping it over onto yourself or just plain breaking the pump from it falling out of your hands. What is your experience and any problems with warranty because you left it on the pallet
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    Default Re: kobalt 3.7 hp 155 cut off pressure

    If the seller tells you it might crack and it will walk around, that sounds like a red flag. Others have reported they run hot unless you modify them and that you can't get parts for them. Seems a bit worrysome.

    Why not get a 60 gallon upright 5 HP from Tractor Supply with an Ingersoll two cylinder cast iron compressor? I have one and it is great. I think 5 HP is really the minimum size to keep up with a serious air tool, and certainly a plasma cutter or sand blaster. If you need more than 125 PSI, get a two stage, but most equipment requires only 90-100 PSI.

    Bolting it to the floor may not be required, but leaving it on a pallet is definitely temporary. At least put it on some serious skids or something. Mine is bolted down to a wooden floor with three extra layers of 3/4" plywood over the subfloor where it sits. Sitting on concrete would be even better.

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    Default Re: kobalt 3.7 hp 155 cut off pressure

    I've had a bolted down tank crack at the leg weld attachments so it does happen. Using vibration pads under the legs will eliminate this.

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    Default Re: kobalt 3.7 hp 155 cut off pressure

    I have a 60 gallon compressor that has never been removed from its original pallet when purchased about 15 years ago. It is bolted to the pallet and so far no problems. Your mileage may vary.

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