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    I recently purchased a new 5075m and an mx-7 mower. When I got the mower hooked up to the tractor the hitch would not lift the back tire of the mower off the ground. The guy that delivered the mower said that didn't look right. He wanted to check if the mower had been assembled correctly and would get back to me. I changed multiple configurations of the 3 pt (moved the upper arm to all 3 positions, shortened the upper arm, shorted the upper arms are much as possible, etc) all to no avail. The guy that delivered the mower came out and said the mower was assembled correctly and it might be the tractor. I had someone from the dealer from whom I purchased the tractor come out and he said the mower was just a little big for this size of tractor (although he admitted that the spec sheet for both the mower and the tractor say they are easily compatible). Its not a huge deal, but any other time I have used a rotary cutter the back tire was at least a foot off the ground when it was completely raised. Any thoughts if this seems right?

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    Your tractor suit the MX7 perfectly. I just emailed you so send me a pic of the top link and the hitch and I'll see what the trouble is. I have a MX6. I don't have any issues raising the back way off the ground. I would guess your top link is too long. Shorten it and it will life that puppy right up. Your tractor is plenty big and then some for that cutter. Pay no attention to the "someone from the dealer" guy on a mower rated down to 40 HP being too big for a 60HP tractor.

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    If you have made the top link as short as it will go, then I would say it is not put togther correctly. I looked at several MX-7s on and it does appear there are some differences on how the top brace connection is put together. There is different manuals for the MX7 based on serial number. I have included the URL to the manuals.

    You might want to post a picture of the MX7 and your tractor.

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