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    Default Re: Hydrostat Transmission Question

    "I wondered when someone was going to remember that one. Also the statement that Bota's do not break, sounds like another salesmans statement to me. Not trying to tick anyone off, that's just they way it read to me. Every brand breaks sometimes, even an Abrams Tank"

    Now see Norcal, what did I tell ya and see how effortlessly I do it.
    Well, I don't know anything about Internationals or whathaya but I will stick with what I said about Kubotas. "Never" is not never in a million years, never is like in that the likelyhood of the hydro on a kubota Hydro tractor "breaking" (whatever that might be) or getting stuck (what kinda stuck?) is along the lines of earth altering meteors striking the earth and wipeing out a country. Meteorites strike the earth/atmosphere by the zillions every day but only the occasional big event [img]/forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif[/img] so my use of "never" would be in that sense.
    Norcal, I think you can buy a Kubota Hydro or even some other brand if you must with reasonable confidence that it will give you many years of service. Really, this has been argued and even some internet fist fights have broken out over it and the consensus is some (most--the vast majority) love Hydros and find them very--very--very reliable. A few like gear units because it was good enough for grandpa and so it is OK with them and that is fine because there are DEFINITLY reasons why gear tractors are needed and useful.
    You see I am not TBN PC, I suggest you will be happiest with a Hydro tractor and I suggest that you make that purchase a Kubota and not worry about the transmission breaking anytime soon. Anything can happen, a big rock out of the sky might smit us all or even Planet X but we don't worry about such things because they are in the hands of GOD. Don't worry, any of the name brand hydro units will serve you well [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]. J

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    Default Re: Hydrostat Transmission Question

    </font><font color="blue" class="small">( What about what's ailing my 'bota ? This was admittedly unusual but it does seem like a situation where a hydrostatic transmission got stuck. Not the same situation as the dealer erroneously described but... )</font>

    Barring a catastrophic failure such as the real axle or
    differential seizing, the cause of this type of problem in
    a kubota HST would most likely be the mechanical (gear)
    transmission cannot be shifted into neutral. When in
    neutral the hydraulic motor is of no consequence.

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    Default Re: Hydrostat Transmission Question

    I'm having fun following this thread. Good job by all. I really have nothing to add, since I am one of those Neanderthal's that prefers a clutch &amp; tranny over a hydro for _most_ uses. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    But that is for my use - doesn't bother me what others use.


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    Default Re: Hydrostat Transmission Question

    Yep Rambler I guess I am a primitive too. I prefer the mechanical connection for the drive train as opposed to hydraulic. Of course I do draft work with my tractor and I have yet to see a hydro that will last as long under draft work conditions as a good old clutch/gear tranny combo. I do like the hydro's for light mowing and loader work, they are much easier to use and will spoil you quickly.

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