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    Default Kubota B7500 HST loses power and blows white smoke

    B7500 runs well for a hour brush hogging, The. Loses 500-1000 rpms and blows white stinking smoke. I have changed fuel filter and added a bottle of Sea Foam but I don't see any difference.

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    Default Re: Kubota B7500 HST loses power and blows white smoke

    G'day check your valve clearances sounds to me like they may be a bit tight


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    Default Re: Kubota B7500 HST loses power and blows white smoke

    hows your coolant level?

    Are you loosing coolant?

    White smoke iusually raw, unburnt fuel in the exhaust stream caused by
    ■ bad fuel injection timing
    ■ bad fuel injectors
    ■ Low cylinder compression (leaking valves, sticking piston rings, ring wear, cylinder wear, or cylinder glaze).

    White smoke on start up and then disappears as the engine warms up likely fouling deposits around piston rings and/or cylinder glazing.

    Continuous white smoke indicates a mechanical defect, or incorrect fuel timing.

    Water entering combustion will also create white smoke. (Faulty head gaskets / cracked cylinder heads or blocks)
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