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    Default Best RPM for John Deere 1026R while mowing

    I am a tractor newbie. I have a nice new JD 1026R with the 60 inch autoconnect mid-mount mower. I mow about 4 acres of not so lush grass. What is the best RPM to operate the tractor while mowing? I've gotten 3 answers from the dealer (I think I bought the only 1026R that they've sold). I've been told: "Just high enough that is doesn't bog down", "2500 RPM", and "3000 RPM". Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Default Re: Best RPM for John Deere 1026R while mowing

    Your owners manual should tell you what RPM you need or should run to turn your mid PTO at it's rated speed, usually 2000 RPM, but some are designed to turn faster - 2,500 RPM, for example. Usually the engine RPM needs to be near max to produce the rated PTO speed, which is what is recommended for mowing. My BX needs to run around 3100-3200 RPM to make its rated mid PTO speed, though I usually mow at 3000 RPM.

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    Default Re: Best RPM for John Deere 1026R while mowing

    It's in the manual, basically full RPMs. It's also indicated with a line and symbol on the tach. That RPM gives you the designed for blade speed.

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