Saturday morning, I go to take the 6320 out of the barn. I turn the key, it starts, I let it run 30 seconds and then put it in range and use LHR to reverse backwards. The tractor dies like I flipped a switch. I put it back in park and try to restart but it will not fire. The starter turns over but it seems there is no fuel. Other interesting point is if the have the radio off, and turn it over and hold the key on for 5 seconds as it is cranking, the radio will come on. The other characteristic is all of the console loses power while the starter is cranking (LHR "N" light goes out, gas take indicator goes down to empty, the whole console goes lights out).

The battery is not new by any means and during the hard winter, it will go dead where I will need to put on a charger to get it started. Is it possible that the battery has enough power to turn over the charger but not power the rest of the electronics?

I know I need a new battery so I'm off to get one ( $330 ouch!) but I'm curious if there is another electronic component that I should be looking into.

Any suggestions?

Thank you for any help.