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    Default Re: If you had to choose 1: Hyd Top Link or Tilt Link?

    I dont have either, but have to agree with others that the TL would be best in YOUR case with YOUR current implements.

    If I ever get a hydraulic link, for me it would be the side link. Cause I dont have a BB, and use a rear blade ALOT. AND I can reach the TL from the seat, but not the sidelink.
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    Default Re: If you had to choose 1: Hyd Top Link or Tilt Link?

    Adding remotes is expensive especially if you have the dealer do it. If you have a reasonable amount of mechanical ability and the time and incliation to learn a few new things you can add a couple sets of remotes yourself for $250 to $300 range. It is really not hard. There are several projects on here you can look at if interested.

    I vote for the TL also because of your BB. Like LD1 says when using my rear blade the side link is usually the most useful one. For the landplane I use both the top link and side link. Both are very handy.
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    Default Re: If you had to choose 1: Hyd Top Link or Tilt Link?

    Top link.

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    Default Re: If you had to choose 1: Hyd Top Link or Tilt Link?

    Quote Originally Posted by Red Horse View Post
    Adding another set of remotes is not a simple inexpensive task I would assume-your thoughts?
    I just fiigured he might want to try and tackle the job himself if he wanted. Didn't know if thought he was limited indeffinately

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    Installing a manual diverter valve would be pretty easy and cost about $500 including hoses. Then you just select which cylinder you want to move and still have only one lever.

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    Default Re: If you had to choose 1: Hyd Top Link or Tilt Link?

    Another vote for "top link" here.

    I have both and use the top link at least 10X more than the tilt. Hooking up implements, regulating the bite of a blade or rake, leveling a 3PH disc (or tilting it up for transport), and leveling any other implement are uses that immediately come to mind.

    The screw tilt arm is not that difficult to use although when plowing the hydraulic tilt is a real plus for adjusting after the first pass. Others like the tilt for grading with a blade.

    If you can somehow swing the cost of another remote then it will open up a lot of options besides just T&T. You can use the "tilt" remote to run hydraulics on an implement like hydraulic rippers. You will temporary lose the tilt function of course. Then you will spend on the second remote as well as a bunch of new hydraulic implements. It is amazing how the money just disappears!
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    Default Re: If you had to choose 1: Hyd Top Link or Tilt Link?

    I would highly recommend the JD electric diverter valve kit and top and tilt kit for your rear attachments if the funds are available, that would leave your 3rd function remote open for your front attachments so you can use both at the same time. I've been doing a lot of fine grading this fall with my 3320 and have found that both the top and tilt are equally important whenever the tractor tilts, dips or rises on terrain changes. I love being able to adjust the box blade with the loader joy stick, after a while you don't even have to think about it, just like operating the loader.

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    Great and helpful comments by all. I am interested in the diverter kit. I plan to start with the hydraulic top link and progress from there.

    You all are so helpful.

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    Default Re: If you had to choose 1: Hyd Top Link or Tilt Link?

    I vote for the toplink but once you get it you will want the sidelink too.

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    Default Re: If you had to choose 1: Hyd Top Link or Tilt Link?

    Id say tilt. Just from personal experience trying to crown roads with my box blade.

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