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    Default Re: Clamp on Forks

    I have a set and really liked them but they are pretty light duty even @ $350 is what I paid for mine. I even got the spreader bar that strengthens them but ended up bending my bucket lip quite a few times.

    I went hog wild and put a SSQA setup on and now I can pick up more than my loader is capable of with my pallet forks and no bending anything and its every bit as quick as the clamp on's. That and I dont have to handle anything just drive up and lift and visaversa.

    So its all about how hard and how often you plan on using them. As always to remind you of this point-we find uses we never thought of when we dive into these purchases hind sight is always 20/20. hth
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    Default Re: Clamp on Forks

    Quote Originally Posted by Luremaker View Post
    Nice looking forks. What material did you use for your forks? I have a 10 foot length of 2" x 3" x 1/4" wall tubing and was thinking using it for a pair of bucket forks. Anyone know the strength of my tubing?
    The grey forks are for a BX2200 and work great for brush. They are made from channel iron. Can't remember the exact measurements.

    The reddish ones are made from discarded fork lift forks. The clamps were welded on. You'd have to guess the material size from the photos. Made them some time ago and at my age my name eludes me at times.

    Notice that the reddish forks are being held up by a set of M7040 kubota SSQA forks. They are by far the preferred method of using forks if you have a QA.

    Bucket bending has often been mentioned when using clamp-on forks. Never have had that happen but the forks have only been used on HD buckets. The BX2200 is an exception. But only light stuff, prunings, and brush are handled by those forks.

    Your square tubing should work fine. You'll never know until you try.
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    Default Re: Clamp on Forks

    Thanks everybody for the feedback. I have had my B3200 now for over 3 years and I know what it can and can not do with it. I also know about finding more uses for them than you know. I got some off ebay, light duty with a stabilizer bar for $189 and free shipping. I got them because we are building a retaining wall of over 60 railroad ties. If that is the only thing I use them for it is worth it because the first row about killed me. I know I will use from time to time, but honestly not often.

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