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    Default My Kubota B2620 seems to be stuck in Low

    Does anyone know a trick for getting out of being stuck in low gear. I have a HST tranny and I can move the range leaver to High, Medium or low, but the tractor stays in low. The Range gear shift leaver does not feel like it is engaging correctly. The clutch is working OK, not sure what is going on. I have had little glitches in the past but usually I go back to the same gear move forward a little then I can shift.

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    Default Re: My Kubota B2620 seems to be stuck in Low

    My Kubotas have had these quirks and I just learn them and deal with them. Shifting between gears, engaging 4 wheel, Diff Lock, etc are all as much feel or Zen as they are about the indicator. I've learned not to force things, but gently engage, rock forward or backward a millimeter, try again. Just the way both of mine have been. I don't even think about it anymore.

    Always reminds me of when a steering column is kind of "locked" against the pins and you have to rock the tension off of it to get the key out?

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    Default Re: My Kubota B2620 seems to be stuck in Low

    I'm sort of a newbie but never change gears while the tractor is moving. If I want to go to a different HST gear I stop, push the clutch all the way in and then change the gear lever selector. Even then it is stubborn sometimes and needs a little change in gear mesh to get the one I want.
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    Default Re: My Kubota B2620 seems to be stuck in Low

    Pete , check the bottom of the shift lever at the trans. to see if you have broken or lost a cotter pin or roll pin . Where the shift lever slides over the shaft going into the side of the trans. Hope this works , don't have a b2620 , but a lot of kubota's are simular ..

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    Default Re: My Kubota B2620 seems to be stuck in Low

    Yeah, I'd trace the linkage from the range-select lever and find out where it's disconnected (hopefully external to the trans).

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    Default Re: My Kubota B2620 seems to be stuck in Low

    Not exactly the same but... A friend had this happen on his RTV900, he was stuck in mud and rocking it back and forth between Reverse and Low very fast. It got stuck in Reverse. Another friend who worked at the kubota dealer come out. He removed the top cover where the linkage is and set "something" back into place. Nothing broken or bent just out of place.

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