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    Default How to tow lawn tractors with power steering when engine power fails

    I have a cub cadet and john deere with power steering.

    Some of the power steering tractors just about flat won't steer, once the engine power is removed. Some will have a vestage of steering, others won't.

    You can remove the bolt holding the tie rod to the cylinder. That gives you steering which is not responsive to anything. It can let the wheels flip flop from one extreme to the other.

    If it's necessary to tow them around to where you can fix what's wrong, what do you do? I'm wondering if you need a front end dolly....

    Does anyone know of alternative ways of dealing with this problem?

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    Default Re: How to tow lawn tractors with power steering when engine power fails

    Should be able to move wheel while in motion. If not just drag it where you want it. Not gonna ruin anything. Front end isn't heavy enough to snap a ball joint on a lawn tractor. I know exactly what your talking about though and have just wound up dragging it

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    Default Re: How to tow lawn tractors with power steering when engine power fails

    I can do that !!! Wasn't sure whether it would hurt anything or not. With what you've said, I think those wide front tires and fact it isn't really heavy would make dragging ti fine. Dragging it around is easy.

    It doesn't happen often----but-----when it does, it's a real problem. Normally, I may have several hundred feet of moving the tractor to my garage. Dragging it in turns is the answer.

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    Default Re: How to tow lawn tractors with power steering when engine power fails

    You should be fine towing it, just make sure you switch the transaxle to "towed" mode so that you dont mess it up.

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