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    Default Re: Tractor Acronyms

    DAMHIKT Don't ask me how I know that.

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    Default Re: Tractor Acronyms

    Are you ready for this?
    Member ljohnson778 is the one whom originally posted this HERE.

    DT - Dual Traction, ie. 4 wheel drive... Ok, more appropriately front wheel assist.

    Kubota designations:

    BX Series

    V = Loader Valve
    T = Turf Tires
    R = R4 Industrial Tires
    LB-T = Loader Backhoe w/Turf Tires
    LB-R = Loader Backhoe w/R4 Tires

    B Series

    E = Two Wheel Drive DT = Dual Traction 4wd
    HSE = Hydrostatic Transmission, 2wd
    HSD or HSD-1 = Hydrostatic Transmission, 4wd
    HSDB = Same as Hydrostatic 4wd, but includes Bi-Speed turn
    HSD-T = Hydrostatic Transmission, 4wd, Tow Tractor (Airlines)
    TL = Tractor, Loader
    TLB = Tractor, Loader, Backhoe

    L Series

    DTC = Dual Traction, 4wd, Two stage clutch, Live continuous Running PTO (L235/L275) DTC = Dual Traction, 4wd, Integral Factory Cab (L3600/L4200) DTN
    DTS = Dual Traction, 4wd, Power Steering
    DTSC = Dual Traction, 4wd, Power Steering, Two stage clutch, Live continuous Running PTO (L235/L275)
    DTN = Dual Traction 4wd, Narrow Specialty Tractor DT-W = Dual Traction 4wd, (W) Wet Clutch = EVER CLUTCH
    F = Two Wheel Drive
    FS = 2wd, Power Steering
    FC = 2wd, Live-continuous running PTO
    FSC = 2wd, Live-continuous running PTO, Power Steering
    FST = Fully Synchronized (Main) Transmission
    GST = Glide Shift Transmission
    GSTCA = Glide Shift Transmission, 4wd, Factory Cab, "A” is for Air Ventilation Kit (L3600/L4200)
    GSTC = Glide Shift Transmission with Integrated Factory Cab
    HC = High Clearance (L245HC only)
    HF = Hydraulic Shuttle, 2wd
    HDT-W = Hydraulic Shuttle, Dual Traction 4wd, (W) Wet Clutch = EVER CLUTCH HDT = Hydraulic Shuttle, Dual traction
    HSTC = Hydrostatic "Feather Step” Transmission with Integrated Factory Cab MF = Mechanical Shuttle, 2wd
    MDT = Mechanical Shuttle, Dual Traction
    SS = Shuttle Shift
    T = Tow Tractor
    W = Wide tread for Row Crop applications. (i.e., Tobacco)
    TL = Tractor, Loader
    TLB = Tractor, Loader, Backhoe
    DT = Dual Traction 4wd
    DTC = Dual Traction 4wd, Cab Model
    DTCCS = Dual Traction 4wd, Cab with Creep Speed

    M Series

    DT-1 = Dual Traction 4wd, ROPS model with IC/Shuttle Transmission (M7580/M9580)
    DTL = Dual Traction 4wd, Low Profile (for orchards)
    DTM = Dual Traction 4wd, MUDDER (for specialty, row crop and vegetable)
    DTN = Dual Traction 4wd, Narrow (for vineyard/orchard tractor)
    DTN-B = Dual Traction 4wd, Narrow wheel tread with Bi-Speed Turn
    F = Two Wheel Drive
    F-1 = (-1) = Larger two pump hydraulic system
    FC = Two Wheel Drive Cab Model
    F-CS = Two wheel drive with Creep Speed (Ag. tires or as Turf Special)
    HC = High Clearance (2wd M7950 only)
    HD = Hydraulic Shuttle, 4wd
    HDC = Hydraulic Shuttle, 4wd, Cab
    HDCCS = Hydraulic Shuttle, 4wd, Cab, Creep Speed
    L = Low Profile
    ML = Mechanical shuttle, Low profile
    MDT = Mechanical shuttle, Dual traction 4wd
    MDTL = Mechanical shuttle, Dual traction 4wd, Low profile
    MF = Mechanical shuttle, Two wheel drive
    OC = Orchard model
    S = Synchro-Shuttle, 2wd
    SD = Synchro-shuttle, 4wd
    SCS = Synchro-Shuttle, 2wd, Creep Speed
    SDN-B = Synchro-Shuttle, 4wd, Narrow with Bi-Speed Turn
    SDNBC = Synchro-Shuttle, 4wd, Narrow with Bi-Speed turn, Cab model
    SDNBF = Synchro-Shuttle, 4wd Narrow with Bi-Speed turn, Foldable mid-mounted ROPS
    SU = Special Utility, 2wd
    SU-R = Special Utility 2wd, Rigid ROPS
    SU-F = Special Utility 2wd, Foldable ROPS SU-TF = Special Utility 2wd, Turf Special
    SUD-R = Special Utility, 4wd, Rigid ROPS
    SUD-F = Special Utility, 4wd, Foldable ROPS
    SUMDT = Special Utility, Mechanical Shuttle, 4wd
    SUDT = Special Utility, 4wd
    W = Wide Row
    H = 2WD, ROPS (Note: All H-Models are Std. Swing Shift 16F X 16R speeds)
    HC = 2WD, CAB
    HD = Swing Shift, 4WD, ROPS
    HDC = Swing Shift, 4WD, CAB
    DS = Dual speed, ROPS (Note: All Dual Speed models are 32F X 32R speeds)
    DSC = Dual speed, CAB
    SDSCC = Dual speed, CAB, cold weather w/high amp alternator and creep speed and second remote valve
    SDSC = Swing Shift Dual Speed, CAB DSDF = Dual Speed, 4WD, ROPS
    SDSL = Dual Speed, 4WD, Low Profile

    M-Series Notes:

    Suffix "1” models are the second generation "Wide” Cab tractors. Cab is 5.7 inches wider than first models.
    Suffix "2” models are factory equipped with 540 / 1000 RPM PTO kits. M95S and M105S:
    The "S” represents the model/tractor class in general is no specific meaning, however it can be applied to "Swing Shift” as the base transmission on all "S” models.
    M50-Series 1983 - 1984 Cab was orange in color, air conditioning was optional.


    Kubota 2012 BX25 (23H.P. / 17.7pto)
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    Fire Extinguisher, ChainSaw Mount, Protective Surround / Enclosure in the works.

    Stayin' Alive (This click could save a life...)

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    Default Re: Tractor Acronyms

    QH quick hitch

    SSQA skidsteer quick attach

    RFM rear finish mower

    bb box blade

    lp landplane

    HTL hydraulic toplink

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    Default Re: Tractor Acronyms

    SCV = Selective Control Valve.

    In the railroad industry, a FRED is the F___ing Rear End Device that replaced the caboose.
    Paraphrasing Douglas Adams - So long and thanks for all the bacon.

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    Default Re: Tractor Acronyms

    Quote Originally Posted by DT86 View Post
    Here are a few common tractor acronyms off the top of my head. Please add more.

    BB- Box Blade
    BH- Back Hoe or Bush Hog
    3PH or 3pt- Three Point Hitch
    PTO- Power Take Off
    PHD- Post Hole Digger
    FEL- Front End Loader
    MMM- Mid Mount Mower
    ROPS- Roll Over Protective Structure
    HST- HydroStatic Transmission
    CUT- Compact Utility Tractor
    SCUT- Sub Compact Utility Tractor
    TLB- Tractor/Loader/Backhoe
    SS- Skid Steer
    QA- Quick Attach
    TnT or T&T- Top and Tilt
    SCV- Secondary Control Valve
    ULSD- Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

    Just to be a pedantic pain in the a*** (a PITA), I'll point out that most of these are abbreviations not acronyms. An acronym is a single word made from the letters of a longer title. Such as LASER, RADAR, AIDS, or UNESCO.

    I'm often amused by local action groups or Government departments that think up a catchy acronym first, then torturously arrange the words to fit it. Conservation groups are chronic offenders. e.g. the biodiversity catchcry HIPPO for 'habitat destruction, invasive species, pollution, human overpopulation, and over-harvesting. (I kid you not). But then again, my own invention BADASS (the BAD Acronym Society) also fits that bill perfectly.


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    Default Re: Tractor Acronyms

    Pedants of the world unite!!

    Being a foundation member of the society, I admit guilt and will proceed to flagellate myself severely.

    There are 10 types of people who understand binary, those who do and those who don't.

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    Default Re: Tractor Acronyms

    Let us not forget the military HOTAS, an abbreviation for Hands On Throttle-And-Stick.
    I keep trying to bend some tractor words to come up with a similar acronym.
    That's the problem with trouble.
    It always starts out as such fun."
    - Randall Brown

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    Default Re: Tractor Acronyms

    Is there going to be a test??
    2012 Kubota L4600HST w/loader
    "orange chews up the green"

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    Default Re: Tractor Acronyms


    F**k It Sh*t Happens


    By All That is Holy


    Bend Over Here It Comes Again

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    Default Re: Tractor Acronyms

    Un-Balasted Tractor Is Pushing Potential Instability
    That's the problem with trouble.
    It always starts out as such fun."
    - Randall Brown

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