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    Default Re: Canopy or No Canopy, that is the question!

    I wish I had a heated and AC equipped cab; but having a canopy is much better than nothing, especially under a hot sun. Prior to buying the canopy, I had an umbrella that worked pretty good until the wind caught it and busted one of the stays.

    I added front posts to my canopy to eliminate vibration and flexing when going over bumps. One could design front posts in such a manner to help direct branches up and over the canopy.

    First choice: a cab; second choice: a canopy; third choice: an umbrella; fourth choice: just a hat.
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    Default Re: Canopy or No Canopy, that is the question!

    I have one of these on my L4200. I can take it off myself with no tools in about 1 minute, then I lower the rops and can mow under much lower branches and get closer too. (only done where its safe to do so).
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    Default Re: Canopy or No Canopy, that is the question!

    I have a supersized tuff-top and it is super tough. About four years and countless branches, and it is still just fine. Mine is mounted below mine ROPS on a frame I built (posted somewhere, here) so it will go into my garage (and I am short, so headroom was no problem). The extra size gives more shade and accommodates a golf-cart canopy...a blessing in the winter wind. A little snipping is required on the bottom of the cover, and I have worked out a spiffy way to fasten it at the bottom: small but powerful (rare earth) magnets mounted on the bottom adhere to the fenders and platform, and come away when I need to exit or roll up the side curtains.

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    Default Re: Canopy or No Canopy, that is the question!

    I have the Wells steel canopy, and it is worth it. This summer it made the difference working in 100 degree heat, from just working in the heat or working in the sun. A big difference to me. It is steel, and I have hit a few small limbs with no damage so far. A big one would rip it off of course. As others have said, you can work in normal rain if it is not too windy. Just your feet and lower legs get wet, the rest stays dry. if you were wearing rubber boots, you would be fine.

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