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    Default Gear and HST vs manual and auto.....

    Just curious if there is a bias....My wife and I own only manual transmissions (motorcycle to Bombardier SW48 and everything between) to include the DS3510.

    Those with HST or gear, is your daily driver an auto or stick?

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    Default Re: Gear and HST vs manual and auto.....

    Tractor is HST...right decision
    4 runner...manual 4wd...right decision
    toyota station wagon...automatic...right decision
    F350...stick...right decision, wish it was 4wd
    Dodge decision
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    Default Re: Gear and HST vs manual and auto.....

    Tractor is gear (reverser transmission...can't beat 'em!)
    The Subaru is automatic.
    The F-150 is automatic.

    I prefer gear transmissions in the vehicles too (my last truck, a Nissan Frontier, was a 6 speed), but we buy 'em used at a price...and price is more important to me then the transmission type.
    Roy Jackson

    "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch..."

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    Default Re: Gear and HST vs manual and auto.....

    B5100D is 4wd 3spd + HiLo = 6spd - I like it, but The Plant Manager (who uses it most) is not amused.
    G5200H is HST - for mowing a lawn with many obstacles. TPM loves it. I dig it.
    L3240 is GST - glide shift trans: basically a shuttle shift/reverser. TPM never drives it. I love it.
    We both drive 5 spd manual cars and like it that way.

    Long term, we're looking to replace the B5100D with something having ag tires, HST and just a little more power for garden duty. I love the little bull, but it's a handful for TPM to operate in garden soil with a ground engaging attachment and only 12 hp. You really have to be comfortable operating the 3PH, split brakes and the diff lock. TPM wants something that's more of a "point and shoot" solution.
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    It always starts out as such fun."
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    Default Re: Gear and HST vs manual and auto.....

    Got a lawn tractor for mowing... HST
    Got a ZR2 Blazer for winter driving... Auto
    Got a 2001.5 Dodge Cummins H.O.... 6 speed.... LOTS of fun to drive.
    Got a John Deere 420 garden tractor... HST
    Got a " " 2240.... Reverser
    Got a Mahindra 5035 ..... HST
    78" [26"X10"fan] Mahindra front blower,72" Mahindra front blade, 48" CID QA forks, 6' EverythingAttachments Land Plane & Landscape Rake, 78" JRW rear blower[26"X8"fan], homemade 1 ton rear weight, 6' Ford rear blade, big homemade 3pt box/carrier, 8" wood chipper

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    Default Re: Gear and HST vs manual and auto.....

    My first kubota tractor was 3spd HST. My second Kubota tractor was 8 speed non-synchronized gear. My third Kubota tractor is 12spd synchronized gear with power shuttle. The HST was great for light duty tasks but took a lot of HP to operate. The gear was great for ground engagement tasks but was awkward when changing direction. The power shuttle easily changes direction, takes minimal HP and seems to be the best of both worlds for me.

    "Happiness isn't having everything you want, it's wanting everything you have."

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    Default Re: Gear and HST vs manual and auto.....

    Pickup: 2005 Dodge Cummins - Automatic. Really wanted the stick, but the price was right.
    Car: 2007 Honda Accord - Automatic. Works good for passenger cars.
    Motorcycle: 1982 Honda CB900C - Manual, of course. 5 speed plus Hi/Lo range = more fun!
    Tractors: 1985 Ford 1510 - Gear (shuttle shift). HST would be faster for loader work, but I'm not in that big of a hurry. All in all, it works just fine.
    1967 Fordson Major Diesel - Gear. That's what they were. I bought it for haying and ground engaging field work, and as such, it's a good fit.
    John Deere L111 - HST. Lawnmower. 'Nuff said.


    Fordson Major Diesel: Case 3-bottom Trip Plow, Case 12' Trip Field Cultivator, Kewanee 130 Disc, John Deere 1209 Mower Conditioner, John Deere 594LW Side Delivery Rake, New Holland Hayliner 273 Baler, 18' Spike-Tooth Harrow
    Ford 1510: Du-Al 105 Loader, "The Thumb" Grapple, Bush Hog RBC60 Rear Blade, Woods HC54 Rotary Cutter, Tarter 5' Heavy-Duty Hinge Back Box Blade, Buhler Farm King Y600 Snowblower

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    Default Re: Gear and HST vs manual and auto.....

    One gear tractor Deere 820, the other nine trucks, tractors and auto are hydro or automatic.

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    Default Re: Gear and HST vs manual and auto.....

    Quote Originally Posted by RoyJackson View Post
    I prefer gear transmissions in the vehicles too, but we buy 'em used at a price...and price is more important to me then the transmission type.
    Yeah, same here. Also, unless you want some 4-banger econobox it's getting tough to find anything these days with a stick shift. On many vehicles today they're not even offered.

    Jeep, pickup, wife's car=all automatics.

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    Default Re: Gear and HST vs manual and auto.....

    i spent enough years dragging 80,000 lb trucks up and down the mountains west of denver that my manual shifting jones has been completely satisfied, thankyewverymuch. if i never shift another gear in my lifetime that is just fine with me.

    unless i'm driving my 911 of course, which naturally has a manual gearbox. if my wallet was sufficiently inflated to the point where i could think about buying a newer porsche, i'd get one with a pdk. the pdk is porsche's dual clutch gearbox and is supposedly the absolute bomb. no chance of that, so i'll keep the rather balky 915 gearbox.

    as for tractors, my thinking goes along the lines of shuttle > hydro > manual. i foresee a about a 50% ratio of of loader work and pulling various tph implements, and a shuttle would seem to be the best of both worlds.

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