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    Default Newbie Checking Transmission/Hydraulic Fluid Level

    Newly acquired JD 1520. Checking all the vitals while I wait for the Owners Manual and Service Manual to come from eBay. Power washed it, greased all the zerks I could find, checked the oil, coolant...but I don't know how to check the transmission/hydraulic fluid level. I see the fill opening behind the seat, but don't know if I am blind and can't see the dip stick or if there is a specific spot in the case when viewing in the filler opening. Thanks. AH

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    Default Re: Newbie Checking Transmission/Hydraulic Fluid Level

    I am surprised no one has come to help yet. I don't know JD products but my kubota has a glass eye on the rear of the transmission case near the pto. The oil fill level should show anywhere in the eye to be OK when the tractor is level. So look for an eye, say 3/4" diameter. They can be hard to see. I know where mine is and have trouble locating it sometimes.
    Hopefully a JD guy can tell you for sure.
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    Default Re: Newbie Checking Transmission/Hydraulic Fluid Level

    You will find a knurled knob (attaches to a dipstick) on the right side. Look by the right foot board at the inner rear corner. When you check the oil level have the tractor level, running at idle, and just set the knob back on, do not screw it in.

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