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    Default Re: Mowing efficency with a rotary mower

    Quote Originally Posted by riptides View Post
    I calculate my efficency on the tractor as time spend away from other chores. if you know what I mean.
    I do know what you mean. It can also be written-off as therapy.

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    Default Re: Mowing efficency with a rotary mower

    Quote Originally Posted by schmism View Post
    I was going to point out that there is a size of mower to size of area being mowed that is important to consider. EG a very large mower on a very small property is fairly inefficient with all the time that is taken up going back and picking up small areas that were missed while at the same time re-mowing areas you already covered. conversely a very small mower on a very large property you have inefficiency associated with overlap etc that builds up very quickly.

    I wouldnt know how to do the calculation but someone out there im shure has. and it sounds like the above equation is close to what im talking about.
    Quote Originally Posted by tmc_31 View Post
    An interesting calculation Steve. Thanks for sharing. It clearly shows that I should be using a 12' mower. Now if only I can convince SWMBO.

    The devil is in the details. The issues mentioned by schmism would be reflected in the implements' AVCs.

    Given information about the distribution of the sizes of fields he mows and the field efficiencies of the two mowers for the various size fields, Tim could compute weighted-average estimates of the AVCs.

    Tim will have to decide whether the effort to convince his wife is worth it. After 45+ years of marriage, I have learned that deploying economic logic is not always successful.


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    Default Re: Mowing efficency with a rotary mower

    I have never calculated my efficency. I would guess it's about 50-60%. I do try and make as many long straight runs as possible. And once the strip I am mowing gets narrow enough I stop cutting across the ends and loop around and go down the other side. This saves the time of backing or 270*ing the corners at each end.
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