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    Correct if you have a true Deere cd manual it is a protected file and you will have difficulty emailing it. You can however copy and past the pertinat (sp?) info and place that into email. Robbridgeland what kind of info are you trying to find out?

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    Thanks for answer. That figures

    Any chance you could print it and scan and send it

    If its not too much of a pain and not too many pages.

    Its really oil levels the mechanic is interested in.

    Routine stuff about what lever does what we already figured out plus we don't use mower.

    Tyre pressures would help

    If you can do that I will send you two bottles of the finest whiskey

    You are only good contact I have on this

    Best regards


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    i had a hard time trying to find a download so I just ordered one from the dealer it was $20

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