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    Default Re: Tipped my BX25 FEL & BH on its side - what precautions to take before starting en

    Quote Originally Posted by john_bud View Post
    You do realize the time it took for any oil to get in is about the time it taked the oil to go out,right? It's the same pathway...

    The 24-48 hours is more to give the operator time to put on clean skivies and regain courage to resume operations. Most places will also want a written incident report and a drug test before allowing the operator back in the seat. While some damage could occur from attempting to restart, most damage happens from the engine hydrolocking WHILE RUNNING. Thats bad, but if the rings are tight, the oil intrusion can be slow enough that it is burnt. That's WORSE as it causes engine runaway and turning the key won't stop it! The engine will usually suffer catastrophic damage from over speed and no oil to the bearings.

    If you go over, kill the engine first. If it starts to runaway, stuffing a shirt down the air inlet may stop it. You need to do something to block air from the cylinders.
    Dunno where half or your post/rant came from, but willi67 in post #50 said it best

    "As for tipping a tractor, each time I have done it has sucked engine oil through the rocker cover breather pipe, through the air filter and into the cylinders, ran away the first time but stalled the second, no harm done on each occasion. Took out the injectors and exhaust manifold and turned the motor over as described to blow out the oil."

    MF GC2400, FEL, 60in.MMM, 5ft. Cultivator, Single Bottom Plow, Bush Hog RTC48 tiller, MF 2360 front mount snowblower, 5ft backblade. BXpanded Piranha toothbar.

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    Default Re: Tipped my BX25 FEL & BH on its side - what precautions to take before starting en

    So glad you are ok qra. I rolled my 1970 Allis Chalmers garden tractor with FEL last year. My wife was videoing it because it was the first run since rebuilding it. There are alot of reasions for the roll over but mostly a bad decision on my part to operate it before I had the brakes adjusted properly. The bucket was up and with no brakes it began rolling backwards down a hill so I turned the only direction I could since there was a 3" high drop to the right and a long hill backwards. I was not hurt physically only my pride brused. I was able to shut it off before any damage. It started right up after it was righted and has been ok since operating it 9 hours since that incident. Feel free to view it on you tube along with the video of it being righted (cover your ears as my wife screams). A friend from another site put it on Youtube along with the righting video with my permission in hopes it might keep someone else from getting hurt.
    People don't realize how fast you can get into trouble with these little machines. The fact that I had the bucket raised may have saved me from getting crushed if it had kept rolling.
    Please take care in the future.
    The Youtube video is listed under: Allis Chalmers Garden Tractor Rollover and Allis Chalmers FEL Garden Tractor Roll Recovery

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    Default Re: Tipped my BX25 FEL & BH on its side - what precautions to take before starting en

    I just bought a set of Bro-Tec wheel spacers for my L3400. Top Quality workmanship, complete package with all the bolts and nuts for your specific tractor. Here's a picture of mine before and after installing a set of 2" spacers - extending the width from 54" to 58".

    Tipped my BX25 FEL & BH on its side - what precautions to take before starting engine-before-spacers-jpgTipped my BX25 FEL & BH on its side - what precautions to take before starting engine-after-spacers-jpg

    I can't speak about stability improvements yet as I've not had a chance to get out in the ruff. But I"m hoping to feel a good change - in my opinion the little L3400 is not very stable, as least not compared to my old Fordson Dexta.

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    Default Re: Tipped my BX25 FEL & BH on its side - what precautions to take before starting en

    I have a pasture that I mow that has some pretty severe side-hills. My newer Yanmar with ROP and a FEL is absolutely terrifying to use for mowing this pasture. I have scared myself silly using it by nearly tipping it over. On th other hand, my older, wider, lower Furguson TO-35 doesn't even give me a scare on the same sidehills (No ROP, but still much, much safer in my humble opinion.). The old Ferguson is far and away my favored mowing tractor.
    One thing I haven't heard mentioned; filling the tires with ballast is a very good way to lower the CG of any tractor. All my tires on all my tractors are filled a little over halfway full. It helps a lot.

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    Default Re: Tipped my BX25 FEL & BH on its side - what precautions to take before starting en

    Using my seatbelt(like a good boy) I half rolled my BX2360. The ground under my right rear wheel gave way. As the tractor slid into the hole and started to tip, I swung(bad instinct) my leg to the right and grabbed the fender handle with my right hand. Everything came to a stop with me sideways on the tractor, two feet on the ground, two hands on the fender handle, my butt(still in the seat with the belt still on) holding the tractor at a 45 degree angle. Luckily the UPS came down the road and stopped to help. We righted the machine and both continued on with our days.

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    Default Re: Tipped my BX25 FEL & BH on its side - what precautions to take before starting en

    Hi Folks - Sorry for the delayed response. Having read all you good advice, I decided that removing the glow plugs would be the way to go. Unfortunately, mis-read my manual and subsequently discovered that it was the injectors I was removing. Ya learn something new every single day on a tractor!. Anyway bottom line is, managed to distort one of the injectors with a big wrench and had to replace it at great expense to the management. After draining and blowing all over everything, also decided that a new oil filter wouldn't hurt. New injector, new filter, new oil - right as rain first key turn, tho I did keep the revs down fro a few minutes before kicking it up and engaging the wheels.

    No problem with excess oil in exhaust, very little smoke considering.

    All in all, yet another lesson in tractor safety and maintenance. Thank you all for your kind advice.

    Happy tractoring! - Q

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    Default Re: Tipped my BX25 FEL & BH on its side - what precautions to take before starting en

    Great to hear it turned out ok!

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