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    Default Kharma - free stuff please read

    Happy new year. Up for grabs is a Woods engine block heater timer.
    Rules - reply to this thread and be a. TBN member before today.
    Winner drawn at random one week from today.

    Not required but a request, please post something you think could could help someone else out. Tip, advice, a funny joke. Anything you think would uplift, inspire, or entertain. A secret additional prize will be sent to what strikes me as the best post.

    Good luck!!!!

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    Default Re: Kharma - free stuff please read

    I'll take one, don't have a joke though, how bout a smiley..

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    Default Re: Kharma - free stuff please read

    I don't need the timer, so please award it to someone else that can make better use of it, but here is a tip: Keep the shiny side of your tractor up by always using proper ballast and even then not moving very fast with a loaded bucket above the level of your hood on your FEL. You will be much happier, with your tractor having All of its wheels on the ground

    James K0UA
    James KUA

    Kioti DK35se hydrostat with 2 QA buckets, 48 inch. King Kutter Rotary Cutter. 750 lbs ballast box. Loaded tires, Construction Attachments SSQA Lightweight Pallet forks. EA 50 inch single lid "wicked" Grapple. Satisfied Everlast PA160 welder owner How to add a link to a post . Best way to search TBN

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    Default Re: Kharma - free stuff please read

    Put a battery tender on your tractor to keep the battery charged all winter and prolong the life of the battery.
    Kubota MX5100
    Kubota BX25D
    Mule FXT Pro
    Honda Pioneer 500

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    Default Re: Kharma - free stuff please read

    I don't need the timer.

    A man sees his wife watching a cooking show.
    He asks her "Why are you watching that? You can't cook!"
    She replies "Well you watch porn."
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    Default Re: Kharma - free stuff please read

    It's January 5th. I'm in Pennsylvania. I currently have 12 inches of snow on the ground. I'm halfway thru the list of what I'm planting this coming year in my garden. I've been planning this years garden since last September.

    MF GC2400, FEL, 60in.MMM, 5ft. Cultivator, Single Bottom Plow, Bush Hog RTC48 tiller, MF 2360 front mount snowblower, 5ft backblade. BXpanded Piranha toothbar.

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    Default Re: Kharma - free stuff please read

    it would be nice, to have a good picture tutorial with good explanation, along with video, explaining various 3pt hitch setups, and how to setup a 3pt hitch. from chains to solid bars, to TNT (top link hydrualic cylinder), to lower lift arms turn buckles, to left and right angle adjustments, to TNT (side link hydrualic cylinder) some only allowing adjusting one way, and not both ways. CAT 1, CAT 2 sizes and weights. some info about using say a rear blade, and backing up, and possibly damaging the 3pt hitch.

    "highlighted" lever, button, knob, that is normally on left or right side of seat or between your legs just below seat. in adjusting the 3pt hitch. and 3pt hitch not lowering or rising like it should.

    telescopic lower lift arms, to swivel eyes, to some sort of latch hook. for easier connecting to 3pt hitch equipment.

    to cutting down PTO shafts for correct fit.

    yikes! ok, never mind, that short tutorial i had in mind, just became huge.... no wonder why folks get confused. and above does not cover it all!

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    Default Re: Kharma - free stuff please read

    I don't need the timer either but my tip is periodically re-torque your loader and wheel bolts to the spec in your owners manual.

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    Default Re: Kharma - free stuff please read

    I don't need the timer either, give it to someone who needs it.

    Four birds were sitting on a branch of a tree that sat at the edge of a cow pasture. One bird flew off and lit at a cow patty and started picking out the pieces of corn and other grains that were left in the manure.The bird had it's fill then flew to the handle of an old pump, that sat on a well in the middle of the cow pasture.The bird sat a while on the pump, flew off, then fell from the sky dead.

    The second bird did the same with exactly the same results as the first bird. Ditto with the third bird. The fourth bird had been watching and decided to go slow and check the situation out. He flew to a patty, walked around looking things over and nothing happened. So he ate his fill and flew to the old pump, again nothing happened. He sat a while, then flew off and promply fell from the sky dead.

    The moral of the story is: Don't fly off the handle when your full of crap!

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    Default Re: Kharma - free stuff please read

    My tip is purchase engine block heater,just ordered mine today for NH TC29,so I could really use timer!

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