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    Default Re: Ditching my tractor for a skid steer

    Thanks for all the replies. I ended up buying a tracked skid steer. A JD 322. It has a tipping load of 6400lb, 2,200lb @ 35% and 3,200 @50%. The thing is a beast. I was moving some dirt around with it and I would guess it is four times as fast as the tractor for that task.

    As to the lift capacity we have a 33,000lb GVW international truck that is currently just sitting as a cab and chassis. I put the edge of the skid steer bucket right on the frame of the truck and picked it up about 3 feet off the ground with no tipping felt. I tried the same thing with my 95hp tractor and could not lift it. For what it is worth the tractor can move 3200lb pallets of concrete not problem.

    Initially I thought I was going to keep both the skid steer and the tractor but I am not thinking I will let the tractor go. I am going to buy a few skid steer mounting plates and fab up my box blade and chain harrow that are currently 3 point to run on the front of the skid steer. The only implement I see me missing out on is my shredder which I really do not use much anyway. If I do need to shred I can either get a skid steer mount shredder or hire it out.

    One of the best things about the skid steer is how well you can see the bucket. On my tractor when using the bucket, forks, etc your view is really blocked by the hood of the tractor. With the skid steer you are able to see everything and do precise work.
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    Default Re: Ditching my tractor for a skid steer

    And I had just got over not buying a skid steer.

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    Default Re: Ditching my tractor for a skid steer

    Quote Originally Posted by Localmotion View Post
    If you don't like the idea of a compact tractor with rear mounted mast forklift, and still prefer the idea of a proper loading shovel, then the Avant range of compact loaders may suit your needs better than a skidsteer? They are rear-wheel or pivot steer so don't cut up the ground and can take a large number of attachments (I think they even do conversion plates to use bobcat equipment).

    Compact Loaders: AVANT Tecno USA
    These look way cool. Any idea where to buy them or what the price range is? I'd need a 600 or 700 series.

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