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    Default Kubota L2950 Safety Switches

    My friend's kubota L2950 sometimes will not start when key switch is turned. He has put on new battery cables, checked all connections, and put a new starter on it. None of those have worked, so we suspect a safety switch could be the culprit. Can someone tell me where to locate all safety switches and how to test them?

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    Default Re: Kubota L2950 Safety Switches

    It could be the starter. I would check first to make sure that you're getting power to the starter from the ignition switch. From there, the owners manual will usually have a wiring diagram of sorts in the back of it. Find that and you should be able to follow that through.
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    I would check that the hst peddle is centered, the pto is off and the clutch peddle is all the way down. then check seat switch

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    Default Re: Kubota L2950 Safety Switches

    I have a B2920 and it has had the exact same problem, since new. My dealer has given up. It sometimes turns off if I rise up off of the seat (with mower on, for instance) but then will not start again for the day. About 50% of the time it won't start in the morning, and, after wiggling every moving part (sometimes 5 minutes later, sometimes a couple hours) it usually starts like nothing is wrong. It is very erratic and I have not, in 4 years, been able to find one thing that always works, or explains it. Sometimes just letting it sit solves the problem... I'm hoping there are others who have experienced this and, maybe together I'll get a real solution. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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