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    Default Handling Filled Tires

    I am about to swap my rear tires and rims from side to side to gain more clearance for chains. The wheel disks stay on the axle, the rims unbolt. The trouble is, the tires are filled and therefore very heavy. I'm wondering if it will be possible for me to do it myself if I take it real slow and keep them upright. I'm nervous about them getting away from me and tipping over . The tractor is a kubota L3830, with R4, 17.5x24 tires. It's in a garage with a smooth concrete floor, so that's a help.
    Any thoughts on whether this is do-able without special equipment?

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    Default Re: Handling Filled Tires

    That size tire is very manageable without special equipment even when loaded. Keep them upright. You will find it much easier to remove the center disc and wheel from the axle, re-position the disc on the rim in the proper setting, then replace the disc/wheel assembly on the axle. Re-torque ALL hardware after a few hours use, and continue to re-torque at intervals until the hardware is fully tightened.
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    Default Re: Handling Filled Tires

    Yes just be careful and go slow. I have swapped my loaded 14.9-24 caci loaded r1's a couple times you will need maybe two bottle jacks.
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    1+ on "keep them upright". Once they start to go over, it's a chore to stand them back up.

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    Default Re: Handling Filled Tires

    Upright for sure. And as said, take the complete wheel off & swap centers off the machine. Those tires are wide enough they wont take much to stay upright. However, don't try to stop it if it is going over, figure out how to stand it up after.

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    Default Re: Handling Filled Tires

    I have moved 18.4x34 with full ballast and as long as you keep them balanced upright they are easy for one strong man to handle. X3 on removing the tire from the wheel lug nuts and not the rim bolts. It is not hard to get the tire aligned with the lug nuts. It should have two stud sticking out so all you have to do is align those and slide it up. You need to have a good pry bar to slide the tire with. You will need to be able to slide it side ways once you get it lined up with the holes. This is where a buddy is handy to have, you need one pair of eyes watching the lug alignment while the other positions the tire. One can do it but it is hit and miss on hitting the bolt holes and might get a little frustrating. The hole aligner doesnt need to be big and brawny just able to see and tell you what direction to move the tire, a wife would do for that. Proper safety instructions would need to be given in that "If I yell, I'm loosing it, get out of the way", the helper immediately gets far away and allows the tire to fall. DONT try to stop it if it gets out of balance , just move and let it fall then worry about getting it back up. A water filled tire can break you leg or worse if it falls on you.
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    Default Re: Handling Filled Tires

    I vote for an engine hoist. My father in law and I swapped the loaded tires on my 5083E and boy were they a handful if you didn't keep your full attention on them. Please don't attempt by yourself, if you get caught under them in some position that you can't move, it would be a silly way to go when you could have simply asked a buddy for an hour of his time.
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    Default Re: Handling Filled Tires

    If you had a 4 wheel dolly, you could jack the tractor high enough, remove the tires onto the dolly and roll them into place. Be careful as was said, if it starts to fall just get out of the way !!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Handling Filled Tires

    it is the sliding part of the tire and alignment that can get tricky. atleast it has been for me.

    if ya on concrete floor. i am with others go for some dolley.

    if you can get a cheap used engine hoist say off of craigslist that might work as a dolly. and if need be a way to tie tire off.

    the one thing i hate about tractors. is trying to "block them up" the rear ends of tractors there really not much space to place a bottle jack or a floor jack. and then maneuver any sort of blocks up under tractor. and once you get blocks under them. the rear end can still be a tad "tippy"

    get a helper regardless. both for ease, and safety in case something happens.

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    Default Re: Handling Filled Tires

    I did mine by myself. Left the center part of the wheel on the tractor. I removed one, rolled it up to a wall and left it leaning against it, put a jack stand under the tractor, and moved the jack to the other side. Two of the center bolts are actually studs which means you need to get the wheel perfectly aligned. So I decided to left the center on the tractor. Worked real well. All I had to do is get one of the bolts loosely into a hole, the tire doesn't even need to be that straight. Once you do you can just carefully raise and lower the tractor with the jack to get the others to line up and the tire will not fall over.
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