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Hi kebo, you seem to have some very serious equipment. Do you farm? I have occasion to cut hay with my uncle although we have not the last 2 years. He uses a Deere, but I do not remember the model and I have to travel to Blythewood to help him. I have started helping some folks up on the lake getting dirt off of their boat ramps and other small chores. I put some teeth on my FEL which is a saviour in the dirt at my house, if you can call it that. The stuff is like concrete when dry and like oily quicksand when wet. Stay in touch and keep tractoring.

Nope, don't farm any. I initally bought my first tractor (a JD750) about 15 years ago to use at my hunt club for bush hogging and food plots (that was TWO attachments LOL). Have since upgraded and "branched out" and use it for other purposes now (as many tractor owners do!) and yes, for therapy too. Plus, I dabble at buying and selling attachments off of craigslist for small profit. Really, I do that more for enjoyment than anything. If you buy an attachment at a good price and use it, then decide you don't like it/want it/need it, usually you can turn around and sell if for a few bucks, or at least break even. It's all mostly a hobby for me!