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    Default Re: How close is your dealer? And how important is that to you?

    My dealer is 300 miles (and a ferry ride) away. It has not been a problem. Rick Wallace delivered the tractor himself and I've never needed to get the tractor to any dealer for service. The combination of a mobile phone, a helpful mechanical and parts staff and UPS have frankly made it easier to care for the tractor myself than to transport it to a dealer. I should note that in five years the only "breakage" or malfunction issues have been a seat belt retractor, a cracked fuel bowl, a missing (I forgot to retorque) loader mount bolt and a bent bucket level indicator. All fixes easily made by myself as well as doing all the fluid changes. One other problem I had was the sudden failure of the AWD assist but twenty minutes on the phone with the dealership mechanic while I was crawling under the tractor following his advice identified the electric connector that had been pulled apart by brush. Fixed it by plugging it back in.

    All in all I have been quite happy without immediate access to a brick and mortar dealership. My dealer is readily available by phone, internet and TBN and they are very prompt in sending out parts and filter supplies. I pick up fluids at TSC.

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    Default Re: How close is your dealer? And how important is that to you?

    I have several dealers of various brands within 40 miles. I did choose one that was the second closest because they had the brand I wanted and the owner/salesman was extremely knowledgable. He took the time to learn my intended uses, type of land and something about my ability to maintain the tractor.

    At the closest dealer the New Holland/Mahindra salesman spent most of the hour and half talking about Kubotas and not much time telling me about the features of the New Hollands and the Mahindras on his lot. It was evident that the Kubotas were kicking his butt in sales - I'm not convinced that it was a difference in the product as much as his dislike for Kubotas. Could have been the India vs. Japan manufacturing - I don't know. I figured the Japanese cars I've owned have been good performers and expected nothing less from the kubota.

    I have used the dealer for maintenance supplies, filters, oil and hydraulic oil for the 50 hour service. I am debating whether the difference in price is worth the difference in the products.

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    Default Re: How close is your dealer? And how important is that to you?

    Mine dealer is about 15 miles, I think the customer service of the dealer is much more important than the distance.

    This week I had a problem with my loader joystick, he stopped by my place after hours to do the warranty repair. He also gave me his home phone number in case I need to contact him after hours or on the weekend.
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    Default Re: How close is your dealer? And how important is that to you?

    My dealer is 2 miles away but I have to drive all the way across town so it takes 7 minutes to get there.

    Being close isn't really necessary but it sure is convenient.

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    Default Re: How close is your dealer? And how important is that to you?

    I have an 1981 JD 2240, and my closest farm dealer is down in Lake City which is less than a two hour drive each way. Same as my Mahindra dealer, which is up in Rudyard in the U.P. I have a parts book for the 2240, and just call the JD dealer and he ships me my parts. They have a driver that makes a circuit up in northern lower Michigan each day, and he drops the parts off in a shed at the stock yard just North West of Gaylord. I go there, open up the door, and there is my part... Last thing I had to get was a drag link about three years ago.. [ ]
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